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  1. seriously can the fuckwits just piss off from spamming the site.

  2. when someones annoyed at you because they are spoiling your gaming experience! really???

  3. is it me or are the spammers getting more up to date in doing things?

  4. loving the fact that the spammers are sending crap to my dummie account! :D

  5. REALLY? frigging really?

  6. a combination of uncontrollable coughing in a bath is not good!

  7. hmmm nothing like sewing badges onto a new uniform and preping for a parade the next day!!

  8. oooo, 6 days off from my day job! get in!

  9. ugg! work tomorrow! :(

  10. So last month was the wettest June since records began I blame 50 Shades of Grey

  11. details for ingame admins for both the GRAW USA & RC2 servers have changed. will pass on details in due course.

  12. RC2 ingame admin changed. see me for details.

  13. looking forward to catching up with some old school friends on Saturday night!

  14. eventhough i watched a really good film tonight (mission impossible 4). it still hasnt shifted my crap mood.

  15. starting to feel human again after being at the army v navy rugby match on saturday!!

  16. god theres some tosser's out there!

  17. Fricking BT. sort your crap out so i dont have to reboot my router everyday.