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  1. so, who here has thought about streaming? have you looked at your setup? have you thought about what content you'd stream? comments would be interesting to see as i know myself and others are toying with the idea.
  2. been playing World of Warships, the Division, Wildlands, Elite Dangerous and lastly and mostly H1Z1 King of the Hill.
  3. well, just foundout open beta is 23rd to the 27 feb.
  4. pmsl
  5. does anyone know of how to run a phone/tablet app on a PC? tried acouple of emulators but failed. wondered if theres anything else out there that can be used.
  6. did you register for it bwarned? when you logged into the wildlands page and then gone to the "how to" page there should of been a link to download. thats if you were successfully picked to play it.
  7. MEOW!
  8. has anyone heard of this? was wondering if it was real or not link at own risk. https://digitalgarage.withgoogle.com/
  9. yup.
  10. oooooo. i dont know..... this one could be dodgy! hahahaha
  11. yup yup yup, a good laugh in channel