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    Export / rendering.

    looks like a big map, =TS=Yeoman had this problem on bodies_of_men, in the end the answer was to split it down in to two games and remove any props, ai graph, etc that can't be seen or isn't required.
  2. =TS=Stevo

    Video Tutorial for graw mapping.

    If you need any help mate zip up your work folder and chuck it my mailbox and i'll take a look
  3. =TS=Stevo

    Video Tutorial for graw mapping.

    Hey Hitman, The reason you can't find the map may be because you didn't change the game type to OGR COOP when you did the export. I have done this a couple of times myself. Try setting up a domination server your probably find the map in there. If it is you will need to export it again from the editor, unclick the lightmaps (these don't need changing) change the game type to OGR Cooperative & click the ai graph box, this will render fairly quickly. You will need to replace the Texture Scope file again and do a quick bundle, so make a copy before you do the export.
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    What to call Ai?

    yeah Hitman Context is much easier to read than notepad and the colours are really useful when looking for typos
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    Hi I'm Stevo keeps still i'm trying to shoot you
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    Vote Romi

  7. Hi Pie your bundle file has probably corrupted delete it and download a fresh copy from the map cycle
  8. Hi Prince not met you yet, but any serving member of the armed forces is very welcome. You've got my vote
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    server password

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    vote wyd08

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    Vote Jarhead

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    Player Stats

    I think this is a good idea
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    Vote for lord_apophis

    vote on lord_apophis's application
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    vote Kafkasrecruit

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    Vote for lord_apophis

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    vote scorpiox-A1

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    Testing forums

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    Map Missing

    I know this is probably a silly question but when you did the render did you set the game type to mpcoop,(the default is domination).
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    Dictionary of Short words AFK BRB etc.

    you forgot this one we use in the uk PMSL - Pee'ed MySelf Laughing
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    me too

    just checking again
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    me too

    maybe this time it will work
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    me too

    signature test
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    count me in I'm available 2pm-10pm CST Saturday or Sunday
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    low and fast

    Awesome love this