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  1. Voted, nicely written, if he plays the way he writes he's got my vote
  2. =TS=Stevo

    Another Sig Test

    nice sig
  3. =TS=Stevo

    new forum please

    There you go MrsCrosshair2
  4. Mrs Cross, I think that you have more than earned your tags Voted
  5. good to see more potential members coming from the colonies. Voted
  6. =TS=Stevo

    Friendly Fire and Auto Kick

    I agree 100% that if someone comes in and is obviously and deliberately teamkilling they should be banned. What concerns me is that sometimes they could be a newbie who enters thinking that they are in a deathmatch, They usually stop when its explained to them. Lets see how it goes now Cross has changed the settings again, but I suspect the guys that were targeting us will soon be back using multiple identities as usual.
  7. =TS=Stevo

    Friendly Fire and Auto Kick

    kicking and banning is fine if done within the rules, but the majority of deliberate teamkillers tend to jump in kill a few times then jump out of the game before you can login to kick them. In reality the majority of successful kick and bans happen when the offender is kicked or banned without warning ignoring our rules, or are not a deliberate teamkiller but a newbie, the very people we should be helping to improve their game, if they will let us. Where would we all be now if Crosshair hadn't helped and guided us on VMTR and invited us to be part of his team? Deepsurfer also makes a very valid point We are one of three dedicated servers left, our server is probably the only one that is still creating new maps, so we will naturally attract every new player I thought we were a public server and the teams outlook was based around the principals of honesty and helping others to get the most out of their gaming experience. Somewhere along the way this has been replaced with the attitude this our server and if you don't play our way then you can't play with us.
  8. =TS=Stevo

    Friendly Fire and Auto Kick

    oh ye of short memories. If we turn on friendly fire all that happens is they start team killing us again, and you will all start bitching about that. they will still push in front just like they always have. The majority are kids, to them the aim of the game is to kill as many as they can and be first to zulu to them it doesn't matter how many times they die to achieve it. The only way to beat them is to lock the server so only team members can use it, which at the same time means Teamstealth will become a closed community and stop recruiting. cmon guys learn to accept everyone has a different way of playing, try to educate the SAW guys who just hold the trigger, if they don't listen kick them. If they start getting on my nerves I just leave the team and go off in a different direction. If its about playing a more realistic game maybe we should switch of respawns after all you only die once in real life.
  9. I've not had the chance to talk with you, but you hsve impressed Crosshair and that is good enough for me. I vote Yes
  10. =TS=Stevo


    I've already voted but I have given it some more thought, Maybe it would be better if we went for the following options 1. password the weekends the time when most of us seem to be playing and leave it open for the team killers during the week. or better still 2. a)Switch off friendly fire permanently. The tango's will continue to kill us but the idiot's who like teamkilling will just waste their ammo. b) disable the nade launchers again, The game was much better without them. c) SAW Freaks no more Mr nice Guy, we get tough, ask them to modify their behaviour or get kicked, if they don't kick'em, if they comeback and continue ban'em for 24 hrs, If they comeback after 24hrs and do the same Ban for life, ( give the server password to all =TS= Team members to achieve this) The others will get the message and start to comply.