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    trouble with TS3 client v 3/0/0 - rc2 build 14642

    Thats a good idea Blind I've added the IP
  2. =TS=Stevo

    Up and Running

    Ok I've done my thing and edited the game and stats configs, The UT3 Server and the stats page are now fully functional, though its a bit lonely being the only player listed, So if anyone's still got this game load it up and we can have a blast.
  3. =TS=Stevo

    A bit of Silliness

    How many post do I need to do to keep up with those of you competing for the graphics card
  4. =TS=Stevo

    A bit of Silliness

    If the ships going down, I definitely want to be a long way away in a nice warm lifeboat.
  5. =TS=Stevo

    Word Association Time

    Bacon Eggs now your talking, chuck in sausages black pudding baked beans toast Now we are talking a decent breakfast
  6. =TS=Stevo

    A bit of Silliness

    6th oh!!! I give up!!!
  7. =TS=Stevo

    A bit of Silliness

    5th one, are you getting bored yet, I
  8. =TS=Stevo

    A bit of Silliness

    4 this
  9. =TS=Stevo

    A bit of Silliness

    That 3, long long way to go yet.
  10. =TS=Stevo

    A bit of Silliness

    thats 2 now but I'm gonna have to do a lot more.
  11. =TS=Stevo

    back fom the brink

    Glad your on the mend, don't do to much to soon.
  12. =TS=Stevo

    BF 3 Pre-order

    me if I can scrape the money together without the wife noticing.
  13. =TS=Stevo


    Our Teamspeak 3 servers have now been updated to the latest version RC1
  14. =TS=Stevo

    a scenario

    I think the rules are just fine, as they are, I've played on no rules servers as well, for me the experience was exactly the opposite I was unable to get out of base, and was killed multiple times whlst spawning, in fact on one occasion my whole team quit in disgust, most of the servers have admins who silently kick the players who don't play the way they like, I've been kicked for not being good enough, I've been kicked to make way for a reserved place only to rejoin and find the same players, these servers now mainly empty or are only used by the clan that own them. A lot of people play on our servers and I think that is because we do inforce our rules, in a calm and un-heavy handed way. If one bad penny is adversly affecting gameplay we give them a chance to fall inline before kicking The starter of this thread agreed the rules along with the rest of us and got a ticking off for breaking them, and is now trying to force his own set of rules on us by 'inviting comment', instead of calmly discussing the subject with his fellow admins in teamspeak. In the end this is a game, the tags are unimportant, the stats are unimportant, its not personal, what is important is playing the game fairly, enjoying it. If you don't like the servers rules your playing on, leave it. If your playing on our server obey the rules or be kicked no one, admins included are exempt. If the game frustrates you so much to the point that you lose your temper and you start abusing other players then its probably not healthy for you to be playing the game in the first place. If you are losing the other side is probably not hacking, using an aim bot etc. They are just working together as a team.
  15. =TS=Stevo

    a scenario

    The rules were written and published in an admins meeting. These rules are set in stone until they are ammended by another admin meeting. After they were published I remember a conversation with a couple of members(non-admins) who were not happy with the rules and who tried to force a change to ones similar to the ones Yeoman mentioned, these were discussed at length, the discussion got heated, and got personal resulting in a couple people quiting the discussion in temper before it was completed. Those that remained and finished the conversation decided to stick with the rules as they were. If you feel the rules should be changed please pm Zoa with suggestions and we will discuss them at the next admin meeting. On a pesonal level I think to kill an attacker on the UAV at range from outside the base is fair game. To shoot or knife an attacker inside the attackers base is (except in self defence) is base rape, poor sportsmanship and should be punished as per the rules. =TS=Stevo
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    We are getting to a size now where I think we need some laid down guidelines and policies. We have so many members now that some of us will probably never speak, So I think it is important that all members are singing from the same song sheet. These new guidlines will enable that & also help us protect Team Stealth's good name.
  17. Voted, I don't know why we're voting your already part of our community you just haven't been wearing the tags
  18. Voted, would make a good junior member
  19. =TS=Stevo

    profanity in Teamspeak channels

    Totally agree with this we should do more to enforce it, maybe offenders should spend time in the prison channel