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    OK Ghosts all you have to do is kill all the enemy, Destroy the Helicopter, find and Kill Carlos, and escape to Zulu. Easy. You Think!


  2. Version


    Ok Ghosts, Carlos has holed up in the church find him, kill him, then make your way to the extraction point. (Hardcore Version)


  3. =TS=Stevo

    {PI} Division

    As part of the restructuring required following the departure of Mustang, a couple of {PI}division members have suggested that may be now would be a good time to rename the [PI] Division to UT3 Division. As it is your Division We would like to leave the choice to you, So I have added the vote. Also we need a volunteer to take up the position of Division Officer to represent your Division as part of the =TS= management team. If you would like to be considered please apply by PM to =TS=St3v3.
  4. Wishing people wouldn't keep fixing whats not broken

    1. Dev1lman


      What you talkin bout stevo??

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    (Site) Music Player

    like that playlist Have some of those tracks I'll see what I can find.
  6. Voted, enjoyed gaming with you, last night
  7. You will be very welcome Grim. Hey Cross there's too many options in this vote a simple yes would have done.
  8. Hi All Procon Users from today Procon has moved to a new Ip address There are 2 ways to reconnect 1. delete all your previous connections and create new ones by inputing the new IP, port no, username & password for each of the following ports 27260 27261 27263 27264 27265. and for the more technically minded members 2. navigate to your Procon install directory and find the following file ..\Procon\configs\procon.cfg and edit it in notepad to change all the IPs save it and restart Procon. =TS=Stevo