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  1. I'm engaged after 20years together and faith in september! one of the reasons for my absence. some of you know that I have lost someone very close from my life and now this event .... I had some time to process it all. I am so happy to share it with you friends! I really hope to find some time back, to play with you guys!
  2. Just like Yeoman says, i know nothing as long nobody says something thats wrong. i've been away for some time now due personal problems, just checked my mailbox....empty. So i guess all ok even when i'm not playing anymore for about 2 months or what, don't know. Another thing (not only to you), if you reply, don't forget to say about which server you talk. And AJM, its not 100% correct, i noticed still some problems after the move when we leaved germany for RC2, memory problems (crashes, restarts), only can think its cause its running with to much other games (?) , we never had those crashes before. Can't talk about last 2 months... Hope to be back soon, Ben, TS=BV=
  3. ROFL Blind :p
  4. Step by step, can we work on the restarting problem first ?
  5. Maybe we have to go back with password and try it out if it runs stable before opening it to the public. RC2 final is not tested behind password with players we can "trust" and also directly moved to another server. 3 steps in one time, sometimes to fast. We needed a long time to find the crash problem with rc1, i hope we don't need that long time again for rc2. Would be to bad for all the great work and time Blind needed to finalize this mod combination.
  6. I already saw before that the server restarted when he was playing on it. Can we temp keep the log files to sort out the restarting problem. (when its restarting...who's playing map before....) We already tried few things but problem still there.
  7. Where ? What ? Details ? RC1 is down, so i guess you try this map on RC2 server with RC1 installed ?
  8. Passwords sended out for SixFeet and KillemAll. KillemAll, sended mail again to the adress you used in your application on July 3, 2011. If you got different mail now, fill in application again. Greetz, -bv-, modded graw admin
  9. Ow another one that doesn't use the shortcut ? Hehehe, i saw that problem comming up from the beginning. The installer works nice but not evrybody starts the game on the same way And then yes you have always some that don't read :p Installer is ok, you can use 1 graw dir for normal and unmodded graw. But have some thoughts on it 2 mapcycles goes now into 1 custom_levels dir, much longer waiting/loading times... what about your saved weapon setup ?
  10. Yes Blind, i also tried to connect with normal graw, doesn't work, it just hangs but it would be nice if normal GRAW players also could join, to get also more players on the modded server. Another thingy, is it somewhere possible in my weapon config to set it that the mk-14 always uses single shot first ? I like to use it but always have to change it after respawn.
  11. my thoughts and prayers goes to Jim, RIP my great GRAW and =TS= friend, it's hard to lose someone with common interests also outside GRAW
  12. Hi, First thing, THANK YOU for the nice work !!! Second, little detail for those who says it doesn't work :p (and we already got one, lol) ----->
  13. This doesn't say its on your side or your fault, its just some more info to find out the source off the problem. Sometimes the little details can help and solve the problem. I'm also switching weapons now (that i never use) to find out if its map/mod/client or server related.
  14. I can't help but one important question cause you say "server crashed" Did only your GRAW client crashed or also the server ? If there where more players and server didn't restarted : client crash If you where alone and after your crash, did the server changed to next map or to restartmap ? (next map: client crash, restart map: server crashed also)
  15. I guess you are using nvidea gfx card. Nvidia+vista/win7 causes crashes when map changing (GRAW logo on bottom stops turning around). 4 options: - buy ATI card - load only one map at the time and retstart evry game (still faster then have whole map_cycle loaded if pc fast enough) - go back to a 5 year old nvidia driver (forgot wich numbers are ok for GRAW) - this one i used many years and worked fine (and still use with ATI cause the fast switch to windows and back) , play GRAW into window mode, you only loose 1 cm on your screen but it works perfect and you can switch 10 times faster between GRAW and Windows I wrote this solution already few times on the forum but it get lost in time, so i did it once more again so other maybe can also read and find solution for there problems. Greetz, -bv-