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  1. =TS=Raptor

    The Next Machine

    Pick me Pick me I can't afford a new comp. still using an old XPS 720 with windows XP on it
  2. =TS=Raptor

    GRAW Team Deathmatch

    I am in for this one. Will head to the trap range to sharpen my skills. Dust off the Perazzi.
  3. =TS=Raptor

    Graw maps

    I had to step out for a bit when r.o.e. came up when I got back about an hour later boulivard escape was on. checked with ringbolt he said he thought server crashed on scope 2 you mite want to look into it
  4. =TS=Raptor

    Graw maps

    Playing GRAW today and noticed map 70,39,35 and 45 are gone also noticed 48 in wrong location. Do not know if it will mess up cycle. Hope information helps. 1-27-12
  5. =TS=Raptor

    Graw maps

    Server is working good . The problems were in the rotation it never played some maps like laberynth only a few maps would play then server would start over again . Looks like the maps are in correct order not jumbled up like befors . Just played server it is working fine thanks for cleaning it up.
  6. =TS=Raptor

    Graw maps

    as the GRAW Div Officer i have had NO-ONE approach me with any complaints in regards to the map cycle until this thread was started. if its in-game then it wont be heard and dealt with. if any player has a graw problem/complaint they should first contact myself to see if i can resolve the issue/s. Tryed to contact you but I guess you did not get the pm from the sounds of it. Never see you in game I guess we are on differant work schedules. I can only speculate as to why NO-ONE has approched you about map cycle. Now that you are aware of the problem I am sure it will be corrected. Thank you for responding
  7. =TS=Raptor

    Graw maps

    Thanks for responding. There are issues in the cycle that need resolved. Thanks for paying attention. Tryed to start map #38 it will not move to that map. There are still a lot of players in the GRAW USA server after all this time server still fills up.
  8. =TS=Raptor

    Graw maps

    We need a total map change in GRAW. People are complaining about same maps over and over. If you agree let us know.
  9. =TS=Raptor

    celebrate diversity

    this is true diversity
  10. =TS=Raptor


  11. =TS=Raptor

    woo hoo

    Just a test
  12. =TS=Raptor

    What is a Perazzi

    It is a hard hitting trap gun.
  13. =TS=Raptor

    odd during game play

    Is that the auto kick that is turned on?
  14. =TS=Raptor

    Graw Server suggestions.

    When a person is Banned in game Gamespy blocks the CD-key or at least that is what I have been lead to beleave over the years
  15. =TS=Raptor

    Graw Server suggestions.

    Well I personally think that the auto kick would work for a while. Our tk people will get wise to this soon after its implementation. Come in kill,leave,return and kill again. It would seem that turning the friendly fire feature off could be the way to go. If people get stuck then they will know not to go there next time.JMHO