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  1. well i just had to cancel the gpu order today, its just out of stock in the moment. anyway, i'm not sure if i just want to rush to max level, since during the free weekend i really had fun leveling up and finding new gear. i fear that i would miss the satisfaction of gaining more and more power.
  2. damn, i hoped the coop would use a system like in dead island, where the enemies level is matching the players level thats attacking him. and don't worry, i ordered a 1070 yesterday but the store doesn't have it in stock and it's expected to arrive 02.06. thats what i get for being to picky.
  3. Hey hey, i wanna join you guys for some Devision coop, but have some questions before. 1. How does the coop work with the different levels, since i'm new and low level, how will it play when i join you guys with high levels? 2. Do i need DLCs? i toke a look around and the Underground seems like the only one i would be interested in. 3. What times are you guys on and playing? It will be a week or two till i get my new gpu but knowing these things before wont hurt.
  4. is that the spot that says blah,blah in the moment? maybe """Multigaming Community since 20??""" sorry don't know the year.
  5. don't forget that gamespy shut down, so you need a vpn software like hamachi or tunngel.
  6. if you like it, heres a playlist with more covers.
  7. nope, wasn't posted before. sounds good, thx for sharing.
  8. i have no experience with mobile stuff, but did a quick look around. Most emulators seem to run an outdated OS. Your best chance might be to look for a way to run a specific app on PC. If you are planing on running the Steam mobile app on PC i would advice against it, since your account will be tied to the mobile number.
  9. looks a bit like snow, which is free to play.
  10. I had to do some research lately, cause my PSU is getting old, almost 10 years now, and found out that enermax ain't that good anymore. So i'll scratch that of the last post. My new one will be a beQuiet straight power 10 400W.
  11. When it comes to PSU's i would go with Seasonic or Be Quiet, or maybe Enermax. And 1000W seems a little to big for your specs. 500W - 600W would be enough.