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  1. Hello, I know you we've played together a few times. I checked the ban list and your name ,IP isn't on our list we do however stream PBBans which of course we don't have any control over
  2. Lovely application you sond like a very nice person Now if we can just get your mic working so we can actually talk to you that would be awesome....welcome dear...
  3. My Vote is in
  4. Heck Yeah, It's about time
  5. Got My Vote...
  6. Carbon is now complete!
  7. nice to meet you, have you completed your Profile page yet?.. also have we seen you in teamspeak ?
  8. File Name: test file File Submitter: Site_Admin File Submitted: 08 Aug 2012 File Category: Wallpapers just testing this process Click here to download this file
  9. Awesome I installed them
  10. Nice to meet you
  11. Sweet!!