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  1. =TS=Dusty

    Dusty's Application

    Sweet! Thanks Luke :)
  2. =TS=Dusty

    Dusty's Application

    Nice to meet you rydon :) I'm sure I'll have fun here. Also, WIND3X, if you vote no on the poll like you instalock my champs I'll knock your face in.
  3. =TS=Dusty

    Dusty's Application

    23-April 95 My name is Dusty, I'm college student in Houston, Texas USA and I met WIND3X and Luke through League of Legends. I play all the Battlefield games, all the COD games, Titanfall, League of Legends, and I have an assortment of 178 steam games. I am an above average FPS player and a newbie at League. Look forward to meeting everyone. I have been in two Battlefield and COD clans, 7CAV and BadKarma.(BK) I install home theaters, home networks, I build PCs, I fix software issues on computers, and I can do some IT stuffs. View full application
  4. =TS=Dusty

    Wassup, It's Dusty

    btw i play Bad company 2, and i heard y'all like that too.
  5. =TS=Dusty

    Wassup, It's Dusty

    Heyo, I'm Dusty, and I'm friends with WIND3X and Luke, met them through a mutual friend. I play League of Legends, Battlefield, COD, Titanfall, the works. Look forward to meeting y'all and gaming with ya. Peace.