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  1. =TS=Korant

    Dayz Overpoch Server

    Hey a friend asked me to spread around his dayz overpoch server here is the ip if you want to look at it if not just ignore this.
  2. =TS=Korant

    Korant's Application

    16-November 97 well i'm a person who loves to play games with friends and help out. i dont know what else really to say so... thanks! i honestly don't think i have been part of a offical clan/group. well im willing to help with any of it but i may need some training is some aspects but i do know alot of the basics of servers, computers, and helping resolve arguments. View full application
  3. =TS=Korant

    Korant's Application

    Hello im korant ive been on your TeamSpeak for a little while now (mainly Aussie Lazy Lounge). i would love to join TS and become a member. thanks! :32 (20):
  4. =TS=Korant

    Korant's Introduction

    Hello my name is korant/anthony i like to play lots of steam games and minecraft. im not sure what so say other then that so... blarg!