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    I play a lot of league, but I also like to play Hearthstone and Payday2 once in a while. I used to be really big into fps style games but haven't played them a lot recently.
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    Teamstealth Application

    28-December 95 Engineering Student at NC State University. Introduced to the teamspeak server by LJohnson13 about 2 years ago, I frequent the server and have met lot of fun people to hang out with there. I have not, other than being part of a few clans in OGame when I used to play it. i dabble in html/css/php/javascript (just web development in general). I'm also pretty good with Java but I have never done any extensive projects with it. I'm also currently taking a course in FORTRAN for my major but it's useless and it doesnt really count. View full application
  3. Welcome to the forums kamikazi3728 :)