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    Firepro/gl Vs. R9/8 Video Cards For 3D Cad

    Thanks Alucard. Im not particularly working with a budged just yet. Its more of a "how much will this cost?" type of thing. I guess a good place to start is on the lower end that would work, up to the point of diminishing returns. Onto the next question, the requirement for processor is "intel or amd with SSE2 support" I don't see anywhere where it lists that as a spec. is that something that only certain cpu's have or is it pretty common. Also is there a need to get a cpu other than a regular desktop one, like a server? I wouldn't think so, but idk. what would u recommend as a minimum for that, and maybe a " best bang for my buck" type cpu? I am in the American market and usually order off New Egg, but doesn't have to be from there. as far as other components are standard desktop mobo's, ram, ect suitable for this? damn. just checked on those prices! steep lol. again idk what is actually needed for this type of work, so if that's what the card he needs costs, it is what it is. seems to me like that'd be a lot of card tho? another consideration I would do is stay with either NVidia/intel or amd/amd for the gpu/cpu. idk if it matters but id rather not mix them up. thanks again. nytemare
  2. My brother is in need of a computer to run a 3D CAD program called SolidWorks. I may be building it for him. My building experience is limited to 1 gaming focused PC. The stated requirements for video cards for the program are the Fire Pro/ Fire GL line from AMD and Quadro line from Nvidia. My question is how do these lines of video cards which AMD calls workstation cards vs regular desktop video cards such as the R9 or R7 series compare? Can a regular desktop card handle a program such as SolidWorks? And since hes not all work and no play, how would a "workstation" card run pc games such as BF4 and other newly released games? Thanks Edit: its been a while since I've browsed GPUs. R7 not R8.

    Battlefield "hardline".

    I know this is an old thread but I feel this game would be better suited as an expansion. I know video games are not real. But how realistic is it to have police with machine guns and rocket launchers?? That said. I think it will sell very well. Not sure if I will buy or not... Maybe when it goes on sale.

    Application To Ts

    lol. Id hate to shoot up a delicate flower.. or get shot up by one!

    Application To Ts

    Ive been on a few times playing with Mr Perky and Powdered Donut. Met a few of you guys cant remember who though. Next time I play Ill sign in and see whos on.

    Application To Ts

    Glad to be here! Ill start adding you all in games as I play and can figure it out.

    Application To Ts

    31-December 86 I am a casual to moderate gamer, depending on the weather. I enjoy mainly FPS. Just recently switched from PS3 to PC platform. I can usually be found playing the BF series. I am looking to join a community of mature gamers that haven't all had relations with my mother (as is apparently the case on other gaming platforms). Never been in a Clan before. I recently (Mar 2012) built my first PC. All knowledge was obtained from various YouTube videos. Certainly not a professional. So I wouldn't be much help in that area. Browsing the web for deals and comparisons is more my thing. View full application
  8. Welcome to the forums NYTEMARE :)