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  1. =TS=Tubal7


    Some of my custom graphics. If you would like one like it, p.m. me and I will try.
  2. =TS=Tubal7

    Overclocking By Proxy?

    OK. The mystery deepens. After a while of having no problems, I started crashing again. I went for the control panel, only to find it very truncated and a warning message that NO GRAPHICS DRIVER INSTALLED> I went to manager and looked and it was some generic Microsoft driver?????? I then downloaded ATI Catalyst Control Centre, checked my settings and, so far, no problems. I don't have any viruses so I am at a loss. I am now gonna check at least once a month, just in case. Fingers crossed.
  3. =TS=Tubal7

    August 2014 Member Of The Month

    Wow, I really do have a red face. A million thanks for the honour (and yes I do consider any award from such a friendly community to be an honour.. Thanks again.
  4. =TS=Tubal7

    Team Stealth Anime Graphic Contest: No.2

    Comprising Text Ethnocentic (Team Stealth) and Woodcut (Anime Graphics).
  5. =TS=Tubal7

    Anime Contest No. 2 Comments

    I have a jpg I am trying to upload and I just get the error message "That type of file extension is not permitted".
  6. =TS=Tubal7

    Nvidia Geforce Experience

    Magnet, this seems to be the kind of programme you want to preset "Games" for your machine. Worked wonders for mine in the ATI equivalent.
  7. =TS=Tubal7

    Overclocking By Proxy?

    Nearly all PCs nowadays have a control panel for the Graphics. I looked under "All programmes" in the Start Menu until I found a folder for ATI (I have an ATI HD Graphics Card) and burrowed in the folder until I found the Crad control panel. Once in there I just looked under all the Tabs and found the "presets" menu. Job done. If you can't find the programme, find out your graphics card and go to manufacturers site as they all have some kind of control programme you can download. Hope this helps.
  8. =TS=Tubal7

    Overclocking By Proxy?

    I noticed that my computer was really noisy and very hot when playing Warface. I thought, great, it's less than a year old and creaking already. Several times the graphics card crashed and I thought "bugga". However, when it booted up yesterday, I got a warning that overclocking the chip was not a good idea (I cant remember the exact jargon it used). I opened a programme that came with the computer for the graphics and noticed there was a setting for Games. Seeing that is what it does most now, i picked it and my computer is quiet, cool and stable. Long winded I know, but the moral is, I did not set my PC to overclock, so something else did. Maybe worth checking if you have the same problem as me. Obviously not for the PC gurus in Team Stealth, but maybe useful to know?
  9. =TS=Tubal7

    Welcome Kamikazi3728 To Teamstealth Communities

    Welcome dude (or dudette).
  10. =TS=Tubal7

    Gameplay Recording Software

    I am too too crap to record my gameplay. It's embarrassing enough the first time!
  11. =TS=Tubal7

    Let's Tell A Story Game ...

    Luckily I had chewing gum in my mouth and.....
  12. =TS=Tubal7

    Pc Help And Remote Support

    Ameye, I use CCleaner too and it is great. For HDD space, I bought a standalone drive caddy for about £15.00 and I just use the hard drives from old computers to store stuff. It just slots in like an Ipod to a dock. Means I got 4 TB of memory.
  13. =TS=Tubal7

    Warface: Teamstealth Clan Created

    OK, did some research after getting into an argument last night. I can find no way to turn off Team Kill. I have checked every screen and tab and it is just not there. Now I know I am not infallible, so has anyone any idea on how to turn off Team Kill (or is it just present on Hardcore Missions)?
  14. =TS=Tubal7

    Warface Hacks

    Already with the cheats???? No self-respect. My scores are mine, NOT the computers. Well done Magnet.
  15. =TS=Tubal7

    Warface: Teamstealth Clan Created

    We finally got up to 3 Members in Team Stealth. Magnet, Rydon 89 and me and we have plated a few games. It was fun. I am able to switch between my old sign-on in Europe and my new one in the States without any problem so far. Not sure what happens if I use the same sign-on to switch servers though.