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  11. OK. The mystery deepens. After a while of having no problems, I started crashing again. I went for the control panel, only to find it very truncated and a warning message that NO GRAPHICS DRIVER INSTALLED> I went to manager and looked and it was some generic Microsoft driver?????? I then downloaded ATI Catalyst Control Centre, checked my settings and, so far, no problems. I don't have any viruses so I am at a loss. I am now gonna check at least once a month, just in case. Fingers crossed.
  12. Wow, I really do have a red face. A million thanks for the honour (and yes I do consider any award from such a friendly community to be an honour.. Thanks again.
  13. Comprising Text Ethnocentic (Team Stealth) and Woodcut (Anime Graphics).
  14. I have a jpg I am trying to upload and I just get the error message "That type of file extension is not permitted".
  15. Magnet, this seems to be the kind of programme you want to preset "Games" for your machine. Worked wonders for mine in the ATI equivalent.