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  1. =TS=winstonsmith

    I Have To Go, Sorry!

    :so sad:
  2. =TS=winstonsmith

    A Tribute To My Dad

    I like tattoos, have 3 myself. They are pretty big so count them as 6 :) The most important thing about a tattoo is that it's original, and your's is. Like the idea and can't wait to see a pic of it!! P.S. as I am a kind of a masochist I adore that pain and envy you. There's no greater joy than waiting for a new tattoo :32 (12):
  3. =TS=winstonsmith

    Warface Issues

    so how do i resolve the ping issue? router is 5 meters away, but i have 4/5 on connaction strength. maybe an USB antenna?
  4. =TS=winstonsmith

    Warface Issues

    Hwy y'all! So today i'm facing some problems in Warface. I'm loosing connection, mouse problems and such. I've added a TCP port to firewall, but connection is still a problem. My connection on a laptop is ok with other sites. Any advice?! :32 (4):
  5. =TS=winstonsmith

    Archerman77's Application

    Vote for the young padawan i will, yes!
  6. =TS=winstonsmith

    August 2014 Member Of The Month

    He deserves it!!! And much, much more!! :your the man:
  7. Disasembly in which mode? Game, super game or hardcore?
  8. =TS=winstonsmith

    Gameplay Recording Software

    I agree with master Tubal of the =TS=. My gameplay is limited only because of my laptop, but i was wondering what to use when i get the right PC. This is a post that i will keep an eye on, or both. Sometimes some of my moves are brilliant, and sometimes just hilarious. Both deserve to be seen, learn what to do or not LOL.
  9. =TS=winstonsmith

    Let's Tell A Story Game ...

    release an electromagnetic impulse, destroying all communications and shutind down all game servers in the whole universe!
  10. =TS=winstonsmith


    little something personal?
  11. Someone should tell Winston he talk...types too much.

  12. =TS=winstonsmith

    Bfbc2 Won't Connect?!

    UPDATE: by surfin' the web, it turns out there was a scheduled maintenance. So everything is cool but i found on some forums that this is an actual problem and is tricky to resolve...
  13. =TS=winstonsmith

    Bfbc2 Won't Connect?!

    Yeah, just tried it too. It says: "an error ocured. If this happen during create, try again and log in with your new account." what to hell?!?!
  14. =TS=winstonsmith

    Bfbc2 Won't Connect?!

    Ok guys, this is weird. I tried to play online,but every time i try to connect it says an error occured. It just won't connect. HELP!
  15. =TS=winstonsmith


    Vacation? I'm sorry, i don't understand that word. :D