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    Card Games, Tabletop Games, JRPG's, MMO's, MOBAS
    TO be quite frank, Im not a big fan of FPS...But I don't hate it.

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    Krashion Keys (Acrasstrumpeteer)

    05-June 97 People I know IRL: MjBovi, Ljohnson13 (My brother), The16bitfox, Derpy Hooves I've been using this server for about 3 months now. To be quite honest, I only play League on this server, but I plan on getting a more PC-Gaming worthy computer sometime soon and intend to play more PC games with the folks on Team Stealth once my computer situation gets all situated :3 Uhh. . . Im an asian? If that means anything. No I'm sorry, But I'm a dunce, I know very little in terms of server support and setup and things of that sort :/ View full application