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    i love to play video games but i am studding multi media which includes technology, social media, and digital media and later progress into digital and interactive games because i want to become an animator, game designer, and maybe and web designer
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  1. =TS=SirMunchington

    Capslock Application

    yeah i voted the more members the better
  2. =TS=SirMunchington

    Planetside 2

    does anyone still play planetside 2 in this community anymore
  3. =TS=SirMunchington

    Rainbow 6 Seige ?

    i love the look of this game and i want it but i don't have the money for it right now. but i also love how u accually have to work as a team and not like most FPS game these days where u see people running in then dying constanly but i also have interst in other game at the moment as well even though i would love to buy it if i had the money theirs just other games that catch my interest at the moment
  4. =TS=SirMunchington

    Counter Strike

    i didn't like the game at first but i got used to it and I like the game now but im not obssesed with it like most of the CSGO community
  5. =TS=SirMunchington

    Killing Floor 2

    that was funny Hitman and also the game looks awesome im thinking about getting it at some point
  6. =TS=SirMunchington

    For Honor

    is anyone exited for 'ForHonored' and what did u think of the closed and the open beta and whats was your impression on it.
  7. =TS=SirMunchington

    Rwby: Grimm Eclipse

    RWBY Grimm Eclipse is based off of the Rooster Teeth's RWBY series and the game was designed by rooster teeth. now i and anyone who has bought this game have any thoughts on what rooster teeth should do to improve their game leave your posts on what they should do. now my review on this game is positive because its a great starter game for rooster teeth plus for those who are RWBY fans its great. but however i did feel like it was lacking for the characters because their style of movement was to simplistic and the combat was to bland. RWBY game now: for example: Ruby Rose u just simply spam left click to cut up the enemy and u press the "R" key to shoot that's just too simple. what i want RWBY game to be: for example: u can switch between Ruby Rose's scythe and gun form by maybe "right clicking" and during combat they could maybe make it so u have to earn your combo moves ether from your scythe form or gun form. movement in the game is great i do in joy it but this game and the RWBY universe is fictional and the should make the movement from the show be inplomented into the game like running up cliffs, and etc RWBY fans would know what im talking about from all the glorious moments in RWBY. so this is my review on RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is u agree, disagree, or have your own opinions on the game leave your comment on this post.
  8. =TS=SirMunchington

    Dead By Daylight

    the 1v4 horror game that puts u on edge is a game that i am having fun with at the moment if anyone is looking to get the game or has it what do u think of it or are u interested in getting the game
  9. =TS=SirMunchington

    Pokemon Go

    with pokemon Go being a world hit sensation lets hear what team u chose or let others know where Poke nests are and work as a team to catch em all
  10. =TS=SirMunchington


    with Overwach out now what are your favorite characters in the game or what are your thoughts on the game if u do or do not have the game in case u are looking into getting it
  11. =TS=SirMunchington

    No Man's Sky

    this has been a hyped and a long awaited game i would love to hear every ones feed back on the game and how they have experienced it so far if u have or got the game
  12. =TS=SirMunchington

    Battlefield 1

    with the new battlefield game coming out this October what are your thoughts on the game ether positive or negative and why