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  1. =TS=mexican408

    Graw Sever

    it is up and running magnet, but because gamespy is gone, we cant log in and play we can only play on LAN, if cross or someone decides to make a dedicated server on gameranger or something
  2. =TS=mexican408

    Graw Sever

    so as everyone knows, gamespy has now finally shut down making GRAW multiplayer shut down. however, couple of guys have tried gameranger and hosted a graw OGR game. It definitely works! we also tried running it as a dedicated server on gameranger and it worked as well. the only flaw is that one cannot download the maps from ingame anymore. shouldnt be a problem since we have all the maps here. If TS could look into that it'd be great. Then again i'd understand if ya'll just wanna let GRAW go and move on to other games. But the option is there :) There are random games throughout the day on game ranger and THE GAMERPLANET does host a server around 7pm PST. just though i should let you all know :) -mex
  3. =TS=mexican408

    Server Down

    GRAW USA server has been down for a while. can we get it back up :)?
  4. =TS=mexican408

    The End Of Graw?

    there are still other options to let it run.....but i dont think it'd be open to the public anymore...only to those who knows the new server, if we decide to make it. are we keeping GRAW?
  5. =TS=mexican408

    The End Of Graw?

    cant play what i cant run :(
  6. does this gun make my butt look big?

    1. =TS=mexican408


      well, that's what i was "aiming" for....get it? haha :D

  7. =TS=mexican408

    Graw Servers

    can also use the, "gamespy replacement", gameranger
  8. =TS=mexican408

    Graw Servers

    is it possible to make LAN multiplayer on GRAW?
  9. =TS=mexican408


    well the news is fresh, so more will come i suppose....
  10. =TS=mexican408


    so i hear from my bud toons that gamespy is gonna shutdown by the end of next month..... how we gonna play this beautiful game when we're required to login to GS in-order to play? gotta find them loopholes, mods, and whatnot
  11. =TS=mexican408

    Membership Application

    07-April 93 Hey all, my name is mexican408 and I'm a mexican living in the West Coast of the USA. I'm simply here to have fun and help out where ever I can. Currently i only seem to play GRAW USA/RC-2 and DFBHD, deltaforce blackhawkdown, old games but a lot of fun. I recently applied for admin position for the graw server, but found out i had to apply for membership first. I'm going to College at the moment, so some days i might be real busy. Nonetheless, i'll still be egured to help. I haven't talked to anyone on TS teamspeak, since im on late at night where i rarely see any TS people. except killer and cityboy. but i do use it and many people know me ingame. im a responsible guy who simply wants to help out :) I was working my way up to being part of the EID Clan, elite infantry division, for the game deltaforce black hawk down. i befriended everyone and even helped in reporting/banning cheaters, with proof of course. however, although i did and was about to get it, i had a difficult time at school, which diverged my time from the game. anyways, I/m not sure if that counts or not, but i do hope that that experience aids me in my favor, for i would love to be a TS member/admin :) I basically know most of how to manage a graw sever, ie set of commands to reload/change/update the server, ban/boot players, etc. I'm also a map maker in training, so hopefully I help bring in some new ideas for maps. Other than that, i know basic computer knowledge. not a lot of coding but a bit. any how, i'd be glad to learn new tricks if any need me to do something and would gladly lend a hand where i can View full application
  12. =TS=mexican408

    Graw & New Hardware

    i might not have the systems you're talking about but i have experienced the same issue, not only me but couple of people as well. it seems to happen mostly to those running wind. 7 and less to those that use XP. we've been trying to find a solution but no luck so far; checked to see if it was a server issue, the whole win 7 and XP thing, internet issue....etc and so you don't seem to be alone when experiencing these " hiccups"
  13. =TS=mexican408

    My Graw Stats Suck

    yah, like i said most prefer the something in the SCAR family but the scope does sometimes block your surrounding field of view. so i go M8 carbine, which gives you a wider view of surroundings, though it doesn't have the same magnification as a SCAR. as a plus, it has the same ammo load as the SCAR L so you can pick it up after you kill the tangos Of course you'll stay alive longer if you move around tactically, ie, cover cover cover. The thing about these guys in GRAW is that they dont go down if you hit them in the head! some kind of mexican gift/genetic mutation i guess ;) they are more likely to go down if you shoot them in the arm OR most definitely in the leg. couple of guys and i figured this out the hard way.
  14. =TS=mexican408

    My Graw Stats Suck

    haha yah if you're suppressing fire with a SAW. why dont you come on the OGR server for practice; they treat it just as you described! i play with them around 7-9pm PST. i head to TS afterwards. it makes for great practice so that you'll be able to show off in TS server and if you like people slowly moving up and not running up like wild animals, its a great server for that. we talk on teamspeak if u also wanna join in. at that time TS is usually bare and players dont seem to come till later, so we can hit up a game afterwards :D
  15. =TS=mexican408

    My Graw Stats Suck

    hey! dont feel bad! look at "ahah", his favorite gun is a sniper and he's done well for himself :3 personally i got for the m8 carbine but ppl call it a pee shooter.... nothing wrong with them one shot one kill bullets :D try the scar L, most use it. but definitely not the MRC......it just tickles the enemy