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  1. =TS=Rachelle

    This Game

    I have it o.O I've never played it. I wanna but no one will play wiff mee.... Anyone wanna teach me the basics of the game if I re-install it?
  2. =TS=Rachelle

    Anyone Wanna Play?

    I play this game. If anyone wants to play with me sometime, let me know :)
  3. =TS=Rachelle

    TS Comics

    Lol cute comics ;3
  4. =TS=Rachelle

    PRISM (surveillance program)

    I had to watch a documentary about something having to do with the PRISM stuff... pretty cool I guess but I fell asleep so I had no idea what it was about xD
  5. =TS=Rachelle

    Whats Your Speed?...

  6. =TS=Rachelle

    Omfg ! America Does Have Talent

    Her face when that lady said no made me wanna blow dat bi*** up. I would legit listen to this screamo any day ;3
  7. =TS=Rachelle

    Steam names!

    :O ! I like Steam xD Mah name: missgiggless (thats the actual name, but it will come up as something with Panda in it :) )
  8. =TS=Rachelle

    Members Application

  9. =TS=Rachelle

    WoT anyone?

    I play this game more than I should... tehe. Anyone want to play it with me sometime? My IGN is DrTiggles, so feel free to add me in game and shoot me an invite when I'm online. Otherwise, I hang out in Teamspeak sooooo don't be shy! ^^ I have tiers 2-6 currently :)
  10. =TS=Rachelle

    New Member :)

    18-December 95 My name is Rachelle. I am from San Diego, Ca... I play video games in my free time when I am not either in school or at work. I like to read... and I get bored really easily if I have nothing to do. Illuminati- never really a member (a guest for a little over a year) Mad6- about.... 4 months? TAW- 2 months, and promoted to Drill Instructor 401Craft- I own this community but we don't really open it to the public, more or less a community for myself and my EU friends, opened in January FeC- the community I hang out in because they are awesome and I use their Killing Floor servers, and about 2 months Next Generation Gaming- They have too many 12 year olds... so about 4 weeks. Our Dysfunctional Family- 4 months before realizing the guys are bum holes... so I left. I can help run a Minecraft server... that's about it. View full application