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  1. The open beta is this weekend and if anyone is on i'm down to party up as it seems like a game that really relies on co-op to enhance the experience.
  2. Sad to see you go. It's been a pleasure gaming with you and I hope you'll join us in our Warface endeavors.
  3. Dude I would be down to help you! I worked with the Unreal Engine once too and would love to help give you feedback! - Bovi
  4. It's a program that helps optimize game settings to run at the best quality for your specific graphics card.
  5. Twas a blast to play over and over and over...
  6. Thank Talos that Magnet here has seen the light. I cannot wait to share the field of battle. (Translation :Hells yes)
  7. So as you may know The Elder Scrolls Online has arrived to Steam! I just wanted to know if anyone had picked it up or already plays it. I've had it since release but can't find anyone to hang with so I turn to the almighty TEAMSTEALTH COMMUNITY. If you want to play just holla at me. (Picture shows my loneliness.)
  8. I'll vote for any man who can program in SAS. :32 (20):
  9. This title deserves an award, oh and I still play Left 4 Dead with Eddie and some other =TS= members. Just holler at us in teamspeak!
  10. I was just curious as to whether anyone has bought ESO yet. If so please jump into teamspeak or PM me because I'm looking for more people to party with.
  11. It was cold winter night when arouse such a clatter, A failure to be silent was the matter, So with great fear we rush to stay free, Guns ablazing firing with glee, But we were not safe, Not safely enough -Mjbovi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFv1Mjgl3TM#t=170
  12. I know Ryan and I think he would bring a great attitude and presence to Team Stealth.
  13. Krash is a good friend of mine and will be helpful and good to have around the community.
  14. 15-February 97 I'm 16 and live in the US. My name is Michael. I enjoy playing games and making friends. I am applying because I use the teamspeak server a lot and want to become a full member. No I have not. Question not replied View full application