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  1. Well I know those years had a safety. when you get in the car put your foot on the brake start your car keep foot on brake shift out of park to R or D. but must have foot on brake when shifting. Try that and if that don't work then it's possible the cable came off or the linkage fell off.
  2. From the album =TS=Dino

  3. From the album =TS=Dino

    Pictures taken at our car show Sunday Evenings. Fabulous 50's car club of Manitoba, Canada
  4. From the album =TS=Dino

  5. From the album =TS=Dino

    The seats are out of a 68 T-Bird and the drivers is 6 way electric.
  6. From the album =TS=Dino

  7. From the album =TS=Dino

    The new grill and assembly
  8. From the album =TS=Dino

  9. From the album =TS=Dino

  10. From the album =TS=Dino

    My 1968 Ford Fairlane500 2 door with a 302 engine auto trans and dual exhaust.
  11. From the album =TS=Dino

  12. From the album =TS=Dino

    My New 2014F-150 Raptor 4X4 1/10 scale RC.
  13. New in game footage for you eyes http://ghost-recon.u...home/index.aspx Click here to view the article
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    TDM. enjoy!