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  1. Wh0-sUrDaddy

    Clan Match VS Krabsystem Team

    Hi peoples ! I would like to thank you all for the match this morning ! We did have fun even its was hard to manage everything working right. Also I apologize for ''Cookiemonsters689'' , the way he act was innapropriate and disrespectfull. I mad my point with him. Hope he won't change anything between ur Community and our Clan. U're all Welcome on our server at any time. Thank you again for your time. See u soon. --- Wh0-sUrDaddy and the Krabsystem Clan ----- ;)
  2. Wh0-sUrDaddy

    Clan Match VS Krabsystem Team

    Hi everybody ! We can be at least 10 players for the coming match.. just wanna know how many of u gonna join it so far. For the maps, considering we are going to play 2 maps ( 1 in your server ''hardcore mode'' and 1 in ours server ''regular mode'' ) I propose that each team choose their favorite one And for the rules lets say : - NO C4 on Mcom - No Baserape What do you think ???? Add rules or mode or anything else you have in minds guys !! Cya
  3. Wh0-sUrDaddy

    Clan Match VS Krabsystem Team

  4. Wh0-sUrDaddy

    Clan Match VS Krabsystem Team

  5. Wh0-sUrDaddy

    Clan Match VS Krabsystem Team

    Hello Everybody ! i am Kevin aka Wh0-sUrDaddy - BFBC2 Krabsystem team's leader. Our community are looking for a clan match wich is hard to find nowadays since everybody moved on BF3. I used to talk with some of ur members and he seems that maybe we found the clan we are looking for so far. So are ur guys in ? We can organize this all together to see the better moment to do it, wich mode , .... Thank you for ur time ! ;)
  6. Welcome to the forums Wh0-sUrDaddy :)