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  1. Armagedden


    my ss
  2. Armagedden

    Membership Request

    names jayy nice to meet ya jon good info btw :D
  3. Armagedden


    :D u got my vote jon!
  4. Armagedden

    Video Discussion: =TS=Armagedden faceoff

    yeah i know. idk it mite have been his ping or mine that was flippin out.
  5. Armagedden

    Video Discussion: =TS=Armagedden faceoff

    thanks hitman!
  6. Name: =TS=Armagedden faceoff Category: Battlefield Videos Date Added: 03 January 2013 - 07:01 PM Submitter: =TS=Armagedden Short Description: first couple of clips was a 1vs1 against me and waffles. others were me and waffles winning on the same time View Video
  7. Armagedden

    Arm here!

    lol im glad u got a good time magnet :) we enjoyed u being there with us. ur welcome anytime to play with us
  8. Armagedden

    Arm here!

    Thanks guys and gals for allowing me to join ur community! :) u wont be disappointed
  9. Armagedden

    Arm here!

    Date of Birth A: 01-January 93 Tell Us about yourself. A: Very respect toward others. I play alot of BFBC2 i get on ts3 with some guys to play. working with friends on something i tend to get the job done! Are you or have you ever been part of another gaming Clan Or Community? If so, who, how long and any other details about that membership we should be aware of that would help in determining your membership here. A: no i never been a clan We offer our members with a wide range of help and support, We are always looking for Professionals willing to volenteer help with Server setups, Computer/IT knowledge and general PC support.Please list any skills you'd be willing help out with. A: Hardware tech for computers, some software and setup with routers. View full application
  10. Armagedden

    Hello from Armagedden

    Hello all, My names jayy or arm i recently ran into ur servers on bfbc2 and i have to say this is interesting clan u have here. Anyways here's some stuff about me. i grew up in Detroit, MI USA and currently live in Rockwood, MI (half hour south of Detroit) I'm 19 years old my b day is jan/2nd/1993 I've been working on computers for 6 years now (a little bit of software, alot of hardware, and some router setup) I play mainly BFBC2 right now but i do get into other games as well! If anyone needs any help with computer issues plz let me know ill be happy to help with it :) anyways i make videos of all kinds of games there's my videos feel free to look at anytime :) if u need me u can contact me through these accounts Skype: jayy48210, Steam: Arm/Jayy, bfbc2 In game: armgedden also i want to apply for the clan but can't figure out how to. it says i didn't set my age but wen i try to go to my profile it says i have no permission to do that. Thanks for reading everyone! see u in game ;) Armagedden
  11. Welcome to the forums Armagedden :)