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  1. =TS=LJohnson13

    Member Application

    I play with him on Riders of Icarus and he is a kind person. Good personality and fun to play with (Though dives head first into death :P). Got my vote.
  2. =TS=LJohnson13


    Ive played Riders of Icaurs with him, Great personality and phenomenal softskills. Had issues between players and he performed in a professional and clean cut matter. Highly recommended.
  3. =TS=LJohnson13

    Application For Team Member

    Ive hopped into lobby with him when he and Foley play Games, great guy overall and easy to get along with. Got my vote. EDIT: Everyone is better at CSGO than Foley :P <3
  4. =TS=LJohnson13

    Becoming A Member

    Ive played alot of Minecraft with Wolf, a great guy to talk to. Always nice to see in the Teamspeak Lobby.
  5. =TS=LJohnson13


    Heres me.
  6. =TS=LJohnson13

    Ts Membership Application

    Met SirLawrenceton in TS3, has a funny and easy going personality, look forward to playing with.
  7. =TS=LJohnson13

    Looking To Join Team Stealth - Consumedfire

    Met ConsumedFire in TS3, a nice and calm guy, look forward to gaming with you!
  8. =TS=LJohnson13

    Nzxt Hue+ Rgb Lights

    That looks absolutely amazing.....
  9. =TS=LJohnson13

    Rainbow 6 Seige ?

    next paycheck im picking it up
  10. =TS=LJohnson13


    A great individual that I know in real life, I recommend him highly for a position in our gaming community.
  11. =TS=LJohnson13

    Team Stealth Wallpaper

  12. =TS=LJohnson13

    Using A New Ssd To Replace My Main Drive. Need Help!

    Too scaredto mess around with it so nothing thus far....
  13. =TS=LJohnson13

    Political Donations Via Corporations

    I'm just not sure how it would play out in general though. As the saying goes, you boil a frog in a pot of water, it wont realized how screwed it is until its too late. We are at the point where we are feeling the heat from this figurative pot of water and I'm not sure if swapping out the system to prevent "buying votes" would be exactly the most beneficial option in this current time. On the other hand , continuing this would in turn possibly ruin a portion of elections and possibly pose a threat to corrupted offices and under the table deals. But Im young and lack experience in this field due to my path of education and lack of research.
  14. =TS=LJohnson13

    Political Donations Via Corporations

    http://globalnews.ca/news/2070461/alberta-passes-bill-banning-corporate-and-union-donations/ Alberta recently passed a bill stating that the act of donating funds to political figures would be from this point forward banned. If this was introduced in America, or even a global scale. What impact would it have for individuals running for office? Or better yet, how would it affect our governement as a whole over the course of a decade?
  15. =TS=LJohnson13

    Any Thoughts On Windows 10

    With the most recent Windows update, that annoying little thing in my taskbar is buggin me to get it. so desperation scream bad.