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    Gaming with fun people!
    Playing both seriously and casually.
    Improving my skills the hard way: in a hardcore server against a stacked team!
    Being part of a community, and playing as a team.
    Helping everyone have an enjoyable time.
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  1. =TS=Eddie

    What are you playing?

    I've been playing so much Rocket League... Enough that you'd think I'd actually be getting good at it, but noooo CSGO and Payday2 every now and then. I just got Defiant (f2p), that's kind of fun.
  2. =TS=Eddie

    AshTheChainsmoker's Application

    Welcome to the Community Ash!
  3. =TS=Eddie


  4. =TS=Eddie

    TS3 Client CSS Skin

    Just found this. Sweet.
  5. =TS=Eddie

    Capslock Application

    Welcome to the site CapsLock! A pleasant guy to play with and a good addition to the community. Vote up! ~ Eddie
  6. =TS=Eddie

    Birddaword Application

    Welcome to the community Bird! ~ Eddie
  7. =TS=Eddie

    Arait, Application

    Welcome to the site Arait! I hear you play BC2. That's one of my old time favorites. Look forward to seeing you around. ~ Eddie
  8. =TS=Eddie

    My New Dj Html5 Theme Design

    The site looks good Mags!
  9. =TS=Eddie

    Application - Madzone

    Hi MadZone, welcome to the site! How'd you come across us? What pc games do you usually play? Look forward to seeing you around. ~ Eddie
  10. =TS=Eddie

    Admission For Membership

    Great skills and top recommendation. What more could anyone ask? Welcome to the community =TS=Bulletmit! ~ Eddie
  11. =TS=Eddie


    Welcome to the community!
  12. =TS=Eddie

    Changing My Tags

  13. =TS=Eddie

    Member Application

    Welcome to the site Soulless! A long time regular on TeamSpeak. Vote up! ~ Eddie
  14. =TS=Eddie

    Member Application

    Welcome to the site Shabs. PC building "KNOWLEDGE," eh? That always comes in handy. ~ Eddie
  15. =TS=Eddie

    Gaming Mice - Fps Over Rpg

    Does anyone have recommendations on mice? My Microsoft Sidewinder is dying (random scroll, spotty left click), and I'm ready to replace it.) I'm looking for fps performance and features more that rpg, but both matter. What do you use, what have you experienced? ~ Eddie