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  1. Me Too!
  2. Hi every one. Is there a diferance between 2 and 3? I was also wandering if it is harder to play on the pc then on the xbox.
  3. Hello, Use this thread to post wvw events you want to run.
  4. I like the game also but I would like to join a guild to help me out on learning things in the game.
  5. I love this game. I have the game and the two additions Dawnguard and Hearthfire. I also have 60 mod and the creation kit. If you are interested or have any questions about the game. Feel free to ask.
  6. nice
  7. We are looking for fun, active and dedicated players
  8. I get the next computer. :32 (20):
  9. Cross forsed me to get BBC2 so when I get my check I will join you. I played CODMW2 but that is all. I played it on XBox 360. So I am new to first shooter on the computer. Is it harder or easyer?
  10. I have never heard of this game. :oh really: I have played COD modern warfair 2 and I am good at sniping. Can you tell me a bit about the game?
  11. This chat is used for talking about all sorts of differant things.
  12. Ok I will start it off. I am a gamer and if I am not gaming I am sleeping.
  13. Whar we are looking for. 1. Miners 2. Orca Pilotes 3. Mission runners Requirementws. 1. Must be active.
  14. Eve

    This fourm is now for Eve Online
  15. I am planning on bringing SWtoR to our TS3 community if possable.
  16. Hello, We are transfering from server Devona's Rest to Sanctum of Rall. It is free and easy. If you have any questions contact an officer, councle member or leader.
  17. Ok give me some time to get Guild Wars 2 settled.
  18. I got to know him well and I think He will make a good member. Welcome.
  19. No. I played CoD modern warfair2 on Xbox 360
  20. I like it.
  21. Thanks, I like playing Lotr with every one. Hope to see you soon.