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  1. Thanks for the reply Cross. At this point, I think I am losing my monitor (flickering, fading) and SOMETHING is causing my system to randomly go into power save mode when I'm playing any mmo. Not a problem with browser games, but I can be in the middle of an intense Force/Lightsaber battle and BOINK! I then have to shut my system down the BAD way and restart. I have adjusted and readusted my system settings multiple times (I have power save at NEVER at this point). It most often happens when i go afk or am idle for X amount of time....I'm just clueless. And, ummmmm, I haven't installed the 420 yet. *cough* I figure why do so until I fix what problems I'm currently having. Actually, overall PC performance is poor...Windows loads slooowly (but not always), browser search time is slow, etc. I don't have the skill set to identify the problems much less fix them. Any insight from anyone would be appreciated. May the Force be with you. ~Az
  2. I've only dabbled in that game genre, not that impressed with BC 2, but BC 3 looks really cool. I might have to finally take the plunge and immerse myself in the full on FPS game.
  3. Very cool, very cool. I am one of the 4 that received a new part...a video card. At the time I purchased my machine from Dell I didn't know much at all about video cards so I chose economy over performance. It was a decent card, certainly better than my old computer that, when I played EQII, gave me 5 fps. Recently, however, my system has betrayed me. In short the problem is that in the middle of a game, at random times, I lose screen. I can hear the game running in the background for a short time then the sound goes. It's almost like the system goes to sleep, into power save mode. I have tried EVERYTHING I, and a few of my more tech savvy associates can think of. There is a gentleman in town that has been in the computer repair business part-time for years. I paid $75 for him to look at it overnight and even he was baffled. (The CIA in me wonders if he even looked at it....) The computer is almost 3 yrs. old....I haven't even finished paying for it! I'd rather find a solution to the problem then beg for a new computer. Performance was GREAT before this suddenly started about 2 mos. ago. So, meekly, I'm submitting my name. It's not only frustrating but the problem, whatever it is, makes it almost impossible to group in any game 'cause I'll crash and reboot 5, 6 times on bad days. Sometimes, it doesn't do it for hours. Anyway, so here's my PLEASE. ~Az
  4. Wow, nice maps! I don't play the game but I can appreciate great art!
  5. Thanks for the heads up Magzi! Well written and very upbeat, by the way...i almost giggled. :P ~Az
  6. Well, I actually made it into closed beta. It's Diablo with Marvel comics characters. There's not a lot of "meat," if you get my meaning. There is story but a lot of grinding as well. I am limited by the NDA but I can tell you that there is A LOT of action. You start with a limited selection of characters: Storm, Scarlet Witch, Hulk....and I'm not sure about the other 2 so I won't venture to say. However, in CB we have been given Gs (Gazillion game currency) to purchase more heroes to test drive. The game itself is F2P. There are various ways to unlock more heroes. You can buy them with Gs and they can be unlocked as rare mob drops. So, say you're fighting a mob you could get Spidey as rare loot, thereby unlocking him. You can, on the spot, change into any character on your roster and you have one inventory for all your characters. So say you're playing Thor and you change to Storm, everything in your inventory you had as Thor will be in your inventory as Storm. If this piques your interest you should head over to and have a look-see. Release is slated for June of this year.
  7. Welcome to the community!
  8. Welcome aboard Team Stealth!!!
  9. Thanks for the new info, Magz. We need to team up and play again soon. I'll try not to shoot YOU this time, lol.
  10. I've signed up but have yet to receive anything back regarding when Beta testing begins. I've not been paying much attention to recent gaming news. Perhaps I wasn't chosen. Can't wait for it! Of course, still waiting for Marvel Heroes as well!!!!!! Storm is one of the available characters when you start out. You know there's gonna be some thunda!
  11. Okay, I kinda know what overclocking is but not how to do it. No doubt, there are limitless online resources for the PC amateur. I have a Dell Studio XPS, i7, 8 gigs RAM, forgot processor speed. So, is overclocking increasing the speed of one's processor thereby increasing overall performance? The risks: HEAT is the big one, I would think. How does one compensate for that extra heat? Well, how does one ON A BUDGET do so? I don't want to set the house on fire with my computer, cause I would then not have a computer. The parrot would die and some of you I consider that a GOOD thing. I'm in the process of upgrading my wimpy vid card (GeForce 240) to a GeForce 460. I want super grafix and the least possible latency. Yes, I realize my IPS connex is a factor. Anyone have any advice. Should I as a tech novice even attempt to overclock? Thanks in advance. ~AZ
  12. Welcome to the team!
  13. Welcome Jack! May I call you Jack? Enjoy your time with us!
  14. Warm welcome to ya! Enjoy!
  15. Faureb, welcome to the team!