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  1. =TS=gforce8600

    I Think My Laptop Is... Weird?

    You should really talk to cross abut getting a tower built to replace the "tablet" you use. :)
  2. =TS=gforce8600

    I Think My Laptop Is... Weird?

    those pic are a little to blurry, can you upload them some other way?
  3. =TS=gforce8600

    I Think My Laptop Is... Weird?

    I am getting conflicting reads on your cpu, at one point you say your cpu is an I7 and at another you say it is an I3 . I am thinking your specs are messed up, but if the only the cpu specs that are wrong then you have more than enough to run most games.
  4. =TS=gforce8600

    Is A Alaptop Worth Upgrading?

    I have a Gigabye ga-m68mt-s2p mobo with an AMD Athlon II x2 3.4 ghz cpu. I also have a gtx 460 evga gpu. I am willing to donate all of this so that winston can come and game like a pro with the rest of us :)
  5. =TS=gforce8600

    My Application Forum

    How could we ever be sure that he actually has parental consent after lying on his application? Not only has he broken basic trust, he has also shown he has no respect for the guidelines for this community. We do not need that sort of individual.
  6. =TS=gforce8600

    My Application Forum

    Due to the fact that you have falsified the information pertaining to your age on your application I have to give you a down vote.
  7. =TS=gforce8600

    Titanfall - News & Stuff

    I have to say almost every time I come up against a smart pistol I usually win and I usually am not using the smart pistol when i do it.
  8. =TS=gforce8600

    Bc2 Tournament

    I agree with Lj, these would be good times.
  9. If only their was a way to download information to your brain.

  10. =TS=gforce8600

    Amd Fx 8350

    some one want to buy me that cpu :) I would love an uprgrade of that messure, oh and while you are at it how about a nvidia gtx 680 too :)
  11. =TS=gforce8600

    Razor Game Booster.. Anyone Knows?

    I tried it and was not really impressed with it. When I started it, it lagged my computer. I would suggest if you really want a program like this to use gamebooster 3 as it is proven and runs a lot better.
  12. =TS=gforce8600

    Star Trek Online

    I feel that I am very much to be blamed for letting it fall into the hands of some one else. I had not made myself completely aware of how one could seize control of ones Fleet. I vote not to let it die. And to the idea of only =TS= members I am not to sure that that would work as there are only a couple who even play, and those who play regularly are even fewer.
  13. =TS=gforce8600


    Any sort of illegal activity and cheating ingame is not a skill. Much less one we would want in this clan. Also you need to tell us more about yourself other than 10 hour gamer; And just one question, Ifyou are a ten hour gamer how come you have never been apart of another clan? have youeverm tried to join another clan?
  14. =TS=gforce8600

    Lcmman Member Application

    You have my vote lc
  15. =TS=gforce8600

    [Accepted] Toghrul Abdullayev (Lone_Gunnz)

    Before I vote I would like to know why your origin account was banned.