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  1. =TS=Sniktose

    High Pings

    Well because I'm in Australia connecting to american servers all the time I have a ping of between 200 - 300 whether I want it or not and its usually me who has the disadvantage due to the slight delay in everything
  2. =TS=Sniktose

    The Start Of My Team Stealth Tag Collection

    well I have 1 Kanabanoid Tag wouldn't mind hanging another off of my garand :P
  3. =TS=Sniktose

    The Start Of My Team Stealth Tag Collection

    The Ragin Garand shall Return :big gun:
  4. =TS=Sniktose

    The Start Of My Team Stealth Tag Collection

    I feel like I should boot my badcompany back up and bring out the good old garand :P
  5. Well here is my time It was 2 minutes 52 seconds and 38 milliseconds
  6. =TS=Sniktose

    Hi, Im Alucard

    Yes Vote from me Great guy Fun to be around
  7. =TS=Sniktose

    Bc2 Tournament

    I am it will be done by tommorow
  8. =TS=Sniktose

    Bc2 Tournament

    I should be there Just because it sounds fun :32 (20):
  9. =TS=Sniktose

    Do You Like Strategy Games?

    I really enjoy playing my Strategy games be it turn based or real time I do also enjoy my FPS mostly because I'm playing them with people I know As far as I'm concerned as long as I can play a game with friends or people I can talk to I will enjoy my gaming experience
  10. =TS=Sniktose

    Angelina Mwmbwe Applicatioon

    can't wait to meet you in teamspeak and have a game if I can get my hands on UT3
  11. =TS=Sniktose

    TS Comics

    I like living far far far away its just so much more peaceful and I can freely blow up stuff without annoying anyone and I hate levers
  12. =TS=Sniktose

    TS Comics

    Have you ever tried to grow a tree in the nether they actually do look pretty cool :32 (19): keep up the good work jojo these are so funny
  13. =TS=Sniktose

    TS Comics

    its the wastebasket again
  14. =TS=Sniktose

    TS Comics

    Thats what seems to always happen Great work jojo :32 (19):
  15. =TS=Sniktose

    TS Comics

    What can I say I love Muffins :D