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  1. =TS=scrufferpops

    No Man's Sky

    I have this game and i have no performance issues myself. the game itself is groundbreaking in some ways with seamless atmospheric entry into alien planet atmospheres and stuff. Some things it does very well but some of it is a bit bare bones and they need to flesh out many aspects of the game. However the developers have repeatedly said there will be a series of updates and expansion packs adding alot more content to the game. I like it alot though its not as good as elite dangerous for one main reason. No mans sky pays no attention to realistic physics or astrophysics. Just one example is that planets dont orbit their parent star (of which there is always only 1 unlike in real life) and are far to close to each other. This kills my sense of immersion alot but i try and overlook it and get into the spirit of it. Elite dangerous is far superior in every way possible except at the moment there is no landing on atmospheric worlds but that is coming in the future. Also, elite is accurate from an astrophysics perspective. Solar systems are huge and are traversed at many times the speed of light to get from point to point. Systems often have more than one star, sometimes 3 4 or even 5 or more. It pays homage to science and is strong in verisimilitude in that everything has consistant logic about it. Plus the combat is far superior. And you can actually meet other real players all the time in space whereas theres little to no chance of that ever happening in no mans sky That said im tentetavely looking forward to no mans skys expansions to see what they bring. 7 out of 10
  2. =TS=scrufferpops

    Captain Darling

    Just a heads up that me, scrufferpops has changed his name and avatar to a well known character from blackadder the 3rd Namely Captain Darling. In Teamspeak, that is. Apologies to unnerving yeomen in ts yesterday, it was only me. lol
  3. =TS=scrufferpops

    my interests

    I like rpg games, fps like battlefield bad company 2 and unreal tournament 3, strategy games and all sorts. Also I like mmorpg's :-)