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  1. =TS=kickarse

    New Here.

    lol you two :32 (20):
  2. =TS=kickarse

    Lets Start a UT3 Night

    if need me to play drop me a line..
  3. =TS=kickarse

    Metro 2033.

    yet to find time to try this game.Installed might give it a go soon.
  4. =TS=kickarse

    Counter Strike

    Does anyone play this still.Would not mind a game if up for it.
  5. =TS=kickarse

    Looking for L4D2 Players...

    nice game.Game again soon i hope
  6. =TS=kickarse

    Looking for L4D2 Players...

    up for some when you ready :-) :32 (20):
  7. =TS=kickarse

    Application For Member

  8. =TS=kickarse

    TS Comics

    love it :32 (20):
  9. =TS=kickarse

    Teamspeak Manners

    Sorry will have to ask the wife and Kid's to shut up more.Only kidding will use me mute button more out of respect for otheir player's incase it is me. :32 (20):
  10. =TS=kickarse

    1280x986 Action Pack TS Wallpaper

    forgot to set image up right my error.sorry
  11. =TS=kickarse

    1280x986 Action Pack TS Wallpaper

    sorted it.looks bloodey sweet.Thanks bud.
  12. =TS=kickarse

    Windows 64bit

    Checked it out is starting in 64bit mode.Just some programs still in 32bit mode.Did some spyware scan's and Found a few thing's .It's runing ok now.Thanks for feed back. :-)
  13. =TS=kickarse

    Video Discussion: Adrenaline Junkies

    Love it
  14. =TS=kickarse

    Windows 64bit

    Why does my windows 7 64bit keep starting up in 32bit.Can i change it to boot into 64bit again.Any tips please.
  15. =TS=kickarse

    The Hotel

    i Dont mind helping out in this game.