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  1. =TS=PowderedDonut

    Application To Ts

    Well, welcome to Team Stealth! guess I'll have to break things off with your mother :( Let's get our BF on!
  2. =TS=PowderedDonut

    Welcome Nytemare To Teamstealth Communities

    Welcome to Team Stealth Nytemare
  3. =TS=PowderedDonut

    My New Team Stealth Computer

    Awesome! I just got my new computer today. I got the new build from Crosshair! Gotta post some pics for everyone. Thanks to everyone that made it happen! It's even got Team Stealth decals on it. -Donut
  4. =TS=PowderedDonut

    Wanting to join up

    Thanks to everyone that voted. Let's have some fun, see you in game. - =TS=PowderedDonut
  5. =TS=PowderedDonut

    Wanting to join up

    Replying about any other clans. I've never been in any other clans before, this would be my first one. I like the people I've met and played games with and having a go-to community sounds awesome. So, I applied for Team Stealth with Mr Perky. I look forward to gaming, learning some new games, and having a good time. -PowderedDonut
  6. =TS=PowderedDonut

    Wanting to join up

    I love playing FPS and some RTS games. The members I've met are real cool, I'm hoping to join TS. Donut