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  1. =TS=HotRodimus

    Photoshop Contest!

    Well.. dunno if it's up to much, didn't spend much time on it lol.. but here's my contribution anyhoo!
  2. =TS=HotRodimus


  3. =TS=HotRodimus

    Team-Stealth Bulletholes

    Thanks cross :)
  4. =TS=HotRodimus

    cityboy application

    Probably all of them lol, although I am referring to the first GRAW! :32 (19):
  5. =TS=HotRodimus

    Photoshop Contest!

    Wow there's some great work on here.. I might have a go at this when I get in from work later!
  6. =TS=HotRodimus

    cityboy application

    Voted! The guy is a Graw Legend!
  7. =TS=HotRodimus

    Team Stealth wallpapers

    Nice stuff dude! :32 (20):
  8. =TS=HotRodimus

    Video Discussion: Ghost Recon - Alpha

    Totally Epic.. You can spot little nods to all the Ghost recon games, all the way through.. awesome. Can't wait for part 2!! :32 (19):
  9. =TS=HotRodimus

    Request for Membership

    Hey 12e, welcome aboard!
  10. =TS=HotRodimus

    Logo for Hoodie/shirt

    Awesome, I'd wear it!
  11. =TS=HotRodimus

    Modelling TeamStealth Apparel.

    lol! Mate, that's epic!
  12. =TS=HotRodimus

    Request for membership

  13. =TS=HotRodimus

    Membership Request

  14. =TS=HotRodimus

    Member ship request

  15. =TS=HotRodimus

    GRAW Team Deathmatch

    I'm well up for that idea!