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  1. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT


    He looks like my 8 years old Grandpa/system...
  2. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT

    Video Discussion: Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

    Recently,I like it like many other new songs released in recent months...
  3. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT

    DSC 0035

    This is what I called "A pipe for home use"
  4. Name: Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks Category: Music Videos Date Added: 24 December 2012 - 06:08 AM Submitter: =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT Short Description: None Provided View Video
  5. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT

    Battlefield 3 : Armored Kill trailer

    Guys I look forward to times when I will been able to play with you in BF3...I already bought BF3 with premium but will not be able to play a long time yet...I want play like always on max details even when fraps recording with 60fps always...When i finally buy enough strong hardware im sure we meet in game :) For now I training in BF2 especially aircraft and heli flying because if someone mastered these machines to perfection is simply the boss with score on the end of round 80 kills/2-5 deaths lol I see many of =TS= members plays almost only on Infantry servers(I check stats of some people)...This is a easy and fastest way to get much points and rank up very fast but for me personally the essence of this game is Vehicale Warfare...That is beatiful and this make I loved Battlefield series...For my luck when I start play BF2 3 months ago I play with the best and most experienced peoples in this game...First game run and I play with 4 stars generals whos are in top20 of ea rank WITH SCORES over one million...So you can imagine what they do with me at beggining :) Two broken keyboards(of nerves because I could not kill anyone and died 10 times on a single kill) and I learn how to survive in this hostile environment...:) Second thing I loved in this game is Spawnkilling....I must say his my weakness...:) All server have their specific rules but on many spawnkilling is allowed(this is not a problem because in BF you can respawn at another flag for example)...In otherwise spawnkilling in this game has a strategic importance because he forced enemy who dying one by one after respawn to respawn in another flag and let your teammates take flag easily...But the point is that I love spawnkilling and this propably never change...In which another game you can stand right behind a spawnpoint with a barrel tank aimed in the face of respawning enemy :))) ITS BEATIFUL... For Example Yesterday I play a round on map where you have 5 flags on aircraft carieer,I change 4 of them to neutral and leave one for enemy(on carieer deck),enemies have no choice they must respawn there - so :)) I take Apache Longbow heli,flying around the flag and killed respawning enemies whos trying just escape from there,even 3 stars general who enter a game in the middle of round collected 15 dies on good morning...I love it in this game but I must say its not funny when someone do it to you...But everyones do it in this game....Experienced people not watch that you are new (one of first rank),they attack in spawnpoints,spawncamping and dont give you any chance...This is bad for begginers but when you gain experience roles are reversed...I especially remember one guy who gets 89 kills/2 deaths in a round,he flying jet all round-guy was so effective that I cant put nose out of the uncap - if i only try I died from aircraft gun,bombs or rockets... Third thing I was worried that DICE not included commander in BF3...This change in future?Someone know something about this? Artillery and commander are very important for gameplay...Especially artillery (frustrating and annoying for every infantry soldier :) I hope so they back commander in one of the expansions.. Game is really cool and what you think guys...What you most like in BF?
  6. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT

    Nvidia GTX 680 ?

    CUDA in polish means "miracles/wonders" so if I see in tech specs of nvidia cards has 1500 Cuda(miracles/wonders) cores it makes me laught lol
  7. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT

    Nvidia GTX 680 ?

    This card is able to take care with Battlefield 3 in 1200p on ultra details and holding still 60 fps...And she are not too expensive via Radeon 7990 or GTX690...Very good card for "normal gamers"...
  8. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT


    The truth is that nobody play UT3 now..At one time on all servers maybe 50 persons still playing.Even on my warfare server where always play 32 players now is something between 15-26 and from this number 30% are a damn point lamers...that why I too stop playing UT3 after 2,5 years - its starts to be really boring for me... MaadDaawg you have a good hardware so I recommended to you start playing Battlefield 3.Game is great - better than Bad Company 2 but Im not sure than BF2...I start playing Old Battlefield 2 because cant play BF3 from hardware reasons right now and I must say its really good... In otherwise 50 players playing UT3 at one time compared to 67000 PC players in BF3 at one time :) Crush....
  9. BF3 is the same as Battlefield 2 or perhaps more like a bad company 2? I will not be able to play BF3 from hardware reasons for now but in future Im sure i bought this game... Bf 2 is great,Bad Company 2 offers a more Arcade gameplay IMO without jets... In BC2 all four type additives reinforced tank armor or greater damage from tank shell is just plain wrong...This should not be...I hope that BF3 is made in the likeness of BF2... At this moment I preffered BF2 than Bad Company 2 - and servers are still full... So which part is like, let him speak someone who has played in all parts?
  10. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT


    Somehow I do this with a little help of magic powers(with Steam never know)... Multi works finally...Problem solved.... As I say before its all Steam fault like always...I hate this service...
  11. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT


    Yes I check game files.Download all game 2 times and still the same.MP not works - dont want run... Single working.I read many forums and FAQs - nothing help - When I FINISH SP then I try to download all game in ENGLISH. Maybe after that MP will running... Steam was always very problematic - I remember from times of Half-Life....
  12. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT


    Noob need help !? hehe thats good but nothing help...Damn steam... Like always - no one help :/
  13. =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT


    Someone know how run MW2 MP on steam !? I tried everything and always fail.When I try run a game i have a info: Preparing to run MW2 MP then after few seconds info dissapear and nothing happened.I check in process manager and nothing new running... I download all multi 7,6 gb from steam and still not works,i somehow running a SP when i disable in steam options parameter called *enable steam community in game*.I tried the same way in MP - this start game window and nothing happened - i must close process.When i close in next try of running I have info that game was not properly close last time - whatever I choose in this moment game open a window in small resolution and screen is black - nothing happened.. God damn Steam - If I know this game works below steam I will never bought her.. Better to download "Left copy" for only Single Player.... What they think - Players pay for the game and all I get is a problem...and Steam support not response 3rd day....Crappy steam
  14. Name: Soulja Boy Feat. Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone [Remix by RCC] Category: Music Videos Date Added: 16 April 2012 - 08:53 AM Submitter: =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT Short Description: Rap/RnB View Video
  15. Name: Kraddy - Heart Anthem (Cryptex Remix) Category: Music Videos Date Added: 16 April 2012 - 08:49 AM Submitter: =TS=TSG-PromaG-XRT Short Description: Glitch/Dubstep View Video