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  1. File Name: HiRezGamesEnglish.exe File Submitter: Optimal134 File Submitted: 24 Mar 2012 File Category: Game Patches This is the install for TRIBES ASCEND it is a fast paced jetpack FPS that has been around for over a decade this is the latest encarnation of the franchise! For anyone who is first person shooter player this is worth a look.This game is free to download and free to play....Enjoy Click here to download this file
  2. If anyone is interested in a ut3 night post here and lets get something started
  3. Welcome to TEAM STEALTH Ed good to have you on the team HOORAH ! Voted !
  4. This game has state of the art graphics definately a high level of rich detail worth checking out.......
  5. Name: BIGFOOT WALKS AMONG US ? Category: Misc. Videos Date Added: 02 December 2012 - 08:36 PM Submitter: =TS=Optimal134 Short Description: Cellphone video of BIGFOOT outside a tent icredible if it is real View Video
  6. Welcome to TEAM STEALTH lets play some bc2 sometime alot of us have that game
  7. Thank you Crosshair for starting this forum for us lotro players
  8. Hey if anyone wants to do a deed run let me know ok.....
  9. Voted ! welcome to the community Devon
  10. Welcome to team stealth Calway look foward to playing BFBC2 with you voted !
  11. Welcome to team stealth crayon
  12. Hello Jay welcome to the community voted !
  13. Welcome aboard maybe well play lotro one day voted !
  14. Wow your going to need a bigger boat ! LOL
  15. BEST ONE YET !
  16. Ahhh well welcome Brannves glad you decided to join the community :32 (20): voted !
  17. Welcome to the community Azregoth talked with you a few times glad to see your sticking around .......voted !
  18. lmao Steel
  19. Awsome man glad it brought back memories :32 (13):
  20. Welcome to the community Marinessa hope you enjoy your time here
  21. Amen Brother
  22. Sorry shadow but you are not worthy to be a TEAM STEALTH member a guest perhaps and we will see how that goes
  23. Welcome to the community Dredthulhu do you like to play first person shooters Voted !
  24. They both look great
  25. I like the second one but i think the skull and shield should be part of it the third one anyway