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    Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4000 BX80637I73770K Over clocked to 4.4 GHz
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    GIGABYTE G1.Sniper 3 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Extended ATX Intel Motherboard
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    x2 EVGA 02G-P4-2670-KR GeForce GTX 670 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
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    G.SKILL Sniper Series 16GB(4x4GB) SDRAM DDR3 2133 Duel Channel ram
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    Corsair H100 liquid cooled
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    I too have the Battlefield 3 limited edition Black Widow Ultimate gaming key board. To start with it has a one year warranty, I got mine through newegg so I also bought an extended warranty to go with it. The extended warranty doesn't start till the manufactures warranty is up. But once it is up all I would have to do is RMA it to and they basically send me a newegg gift card for the price I payed for the keyboard. Basically giving you the option of replacing it with the same item or something else. Your Choice. Always get the extended Warranty with anything electronic if you can afford to. As for the workmanship of the Keyboard it's self... I have had no issues with it and love it to death. Everyone is going to have different views on a product. I don't use the space bar at all when I game but sounds like you use it for everything and there in it's self is the problem. Yes it shouldn't be broke but the one year warranty they put on the keyboard is a reflection of how long with heavy use it will probably last before an issue arises from the keyboard. Hince they test it under one years worth of clicks and bangs on the keyboard and then decide on the warranty for the product. Razer isn't God. Just like paying the price for name brand shoes don't mean yyou won't wear a hole in them two weeks from now. You are paying for the name and some people aren't as hard on keyboards as others. Remember you are a gamer. Sorry you have had a bad time with the keyboard but it really doesn't reflect the reliability that most get from it. But hey to each his/her own.
  2. Dev1lman

    ASUS Crosshair V Formula

    Yes I have yet to really dig into this board but it is nice and the bios screen is so user friendly a monkey could use it to overclock. So far well worth the money but think I will be upgrading my two 560Ti cards for a couple of ATi cards. Thanks Cross and Daawgg for the advice on this one.
  3. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Just tell me when you want to do it Kanabanoid.
  4. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Ok just ordered this board with discount code. Hope I am not disappointed. It looks and sounds like a good board. I think I can stick with my amd fx six core though. I think it will do just fine for me. Most games are quad core and I have six OC'ed to 4Ghz. So who wants to help me get these two 560Ti cards running at top performance? If anyone thinks they want to take the time with me to get as good of a stable over clock as I can get I am all for it. Just let me know.
  5. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Yea was looking at this in my emails from new egg this morning. Already got the SSD. Not that one but got me a 128GB.
  6. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Thanks MaadDaawg, I can always count on your expertese.
  7. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Thanks MaadDaawg, Could you help send me in the right direction for a good MOBO to maybe replace the one I have? All my specs are down below at the beginning of this forum post. I need something with 2 PCI x16 slots. Hope you can help me out.
  8. Dev1lman

    Welcome Karateka to TeamStealth Communities

    Welcome my late night buddy. So glad you finally decided to join and I am so sorry it took me this long to tell you that. Just had stuff going on. But with that said... Welcome
  9. Dev1lman

    BF3 Tweaks & fixes

    Use this at your own Risk!!!!! Tweaks & Fixes Index: 1 - Network / Connection Issues. 2 - Gameplay Tweaks. (BF3 weapons database included in this section) 3 - Game Crash / Install / Stability Issues. (Many fixes for crashes / lockups have been found) 4 - Frame Rate & Performance. 5 - Punkbuster & Kick Issues. __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ 1: Network Tweaks / Connection Issues. Fix Disconnections: (Disconnections immediate or every 10-20 mins) UPnP - Router: 1. Log into your modem / router. 2. Turn OFF UPNP. Turn off PC UPnP Service: 1. Press: Windows-button (the one between lAlt and lCtrl) + R, a window should pop up. 2. Write: "services.msc" (without the ") then press enter. 3. In the list of services, scroll down to "UPnP Device Host", click it and press "Stop service". 4. Now do the same thing but with the service "SSDP Discovery". 5. Exit the window and go to control panel-> Network and Internet-> Network and Sharing Centre-> Change advanced sharing settings (to the left)-> Under "network discovery" select to turn off network discovery 6. SAVE CHANGE Firewall Blocking / etc - Boot MSconfig in start. Disable your Firewall and Anti Virus if its a windows based one. Disable any other process there that might affect you and reboot. -If game works fine. This means there is some issue with your firewall or Anti virus setup. ECN Packets has been enabled by a Net Speed Tool To fix this : 1. open a CMD prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR 2. type "netsh" 3. type "int tcp set global ecncapability=disabled" ECN packets are Refused by EA. These are FAKE packets to fool the connection. Set BF3 PC in DMZ on your router. -Note will expose the computer, and the PC will not be protected by the routers firewall. -Make sure you have your windows firewall enabled. -This should be a "last resort" measure. How to play BF3 with multiple PCs on a LAN with UPnP disabled? *Credit goes to P1nchedNerve (Just a note, I didnt think you could do this with origin like you can with steam, but apparently you can!) eg) Edit each computers BF3 executable to include the " -port XXXXX" (as long as each PC uses a different port) Computer A = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3\bf3.exe -port 10000" Computer B = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3\bf3.exe -port 10001" Computer C = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3\bf3.exe" -port 10002" Stuck on Joining Server / Long map load times: Cause: Bug with x64 OS Fix: Open / Run regedit. Navigate to: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WoW6432Node/EA Games Change the GDFBinary & InstallDir paths to C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesBattlefield 3 Try to launch the game and join game servers, and it should work. Battlefield 3 Ports: (may help connection issues) -If you need help with making exceptions on your firewall(s). Consult the manufacturer. -If you need help with portforwarding. Please visit If you have problems or other issues portforwarding, contact your router manufacturer. PC Ports: TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127 UDP: 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300 PS3 Ports: TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 10000-10100, 17502, 42127 UDP: 3659, 14000-14016 Xbox 360 Ports: TCP: 53, 88, 3074 UDP: 53, 88, 3074 Servers Lag: -Either caused by EA or hosting datacenter. No fix currently. Update: Developers are working on the issue. Battlelog Error: "ERR_LOGIN_DISPLAYTOS" Cause: A few players are experiencing this. It is a server related issue. There is no fix. Have to wait for the developers.. __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ 2: Gameplay Tweaks. Contrast & Lighting too bright !!!! Fix: Open PROF_SAVE_profile in notepad++ \Documents\Battlefield 3\settings\PROF_SAVE_profile Change: GstRender.Contrast 0.500000 *Lower the setting to whatever feels right. Mouse is lagging: Fix: Turn Origin Off in game. Settings > In Game > Enable Origin In Game. Sluggish / Unresponsive Mouse: 1. Go here: C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Battlefield 3\settings 2. Open PROF_SAVE_profile with notepad++ (can download for free) 3. Change the following variables: GstInput.MouseSensitivity 0.050000 1st one is the normal mouse sens. USE whatever you like, or keep it the way it is. These can be edited and it may solve the problem. GstInput.Scheme0Sensitivity 0.000000 GstInput.Scheme1Sensitivity 0.000000 GstInput.Scheme2Sensitivity 0.000000 Battlefield 3 Weapons Database: -We are unsure of its validity, but if correct, it may be incredibly useful for players. How can I play Battlefield 3 using my Steam overlay? - Disable Origin's overlay (click the gear/cog and go to the "in game" settings tab). - In Steam, add Origin.exe as a non-steam game to your library. - Launch the Origin shortcut from your Steam library, then launch BF3. Long Map Load Times ? -Is affecting many users, even those with HDDs in raid 0. Fix: Try: Open / Run: regedit. Navigate to: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WoW6432Node/EA Games Change the GDFBinary & InstallDir paths to C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesBattlefield 3 Try to launch the game and join game servers, and it should work. Alternate Fix: Buy a SSD drive, install BF3 & origin on there. 3: Game Crash / Install / Stability Issues. Realtek Audio Bug: 1) Rigth Click on the Speaker icon. 2) Right click "Speakers" and select properties. 3) Advanced tab (far right) 4) Uncheck "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device". BF3 PC Lockup / Freeze - with looping audio: Cause: BF3 bug with onboard (motherboard) audio. Fix: Install a separate soundcard & use that. Disable onboard audio in BIOS. *Note users on EA UK forums have had success with Creative X-FI cards. (No game freezes) Nvidia 560/570 Freezing / Graphics Issues Fix: 1) Update to LATEST Nvidia Drivers 2) Turn OFF - AA - DEFERED 3) Turn OFF - VSYNC 4) Turn OFF - Motion Blur Nvidia 560 Ti Lockup / Freeze: 1.Go to your card manufacturers website. (E.g. Gigabyte, MSI, Asus etc) 2.Select your card type (E.g. GTX 560Ti) 3.Download the latest BIOS for the card 4.Flash it (Install, it's usually an .exe file) 5.Reboot (Most will prompt you to do it automatically) 6.Frag away. AMD/ATI 6770m Game Crash with BF3 still running in background (possibly other AMD gfx cards too) -Load up single player. -Under options disable Anti Aliasing ( AA deferred ) *Best to disable AA post as well. -Download the LATEST drivers from your laptops manufacturers site. -Save & exit. -Multiplayer should now work. The game shouldnt crash to desktop. *Can confirm this works as I discovered it while trying to solve the issue with a laptop running BF3. ASUS G73 Radeon HD58XX Users: Source: http://battlelog.bat....4624706495348/ I found the solution for the problem with G73 from ASUS with ATI RADEON HD5series. In fact you need to get a proper drivers from ASUS web site and not from AMD .... Flash you graphics with "93vBIOSa.rar" .... find it on google. Then deinstall ATI CATALYST preview install. CCLEANER DRIVER SWEEPER. Install this release of CATALYST. http://downloads.gur....7f5f947e9c49ee [] And for info.. Graphics Cards Crashing: -This is common with graphics cards that are factory overclocked or have been overclocked by the user. -Simple fix is to turn down the MHz (underclock). *Estimate 40-100 MHz. -Try turning the frequency down, until you hit a setting where the game runs nicely without lockups/crashes. ASUS Cards - End of round crash issue: -All credit to MrPaulieC http://battlelog.bat....4624702875874/ PROBLEM: Crashing at the end of every round (BF3.exe has stopped working) just before the scores come up and not being able to play single player. SOLUTION: If you own an ASUS card (ATi or NV) and you installed the 'Smart Doctor' and/or 'ASUS Gamer' software then this is what's VERY likely causing you end of round crashes. All you need to do is uninstall Smart Doctor and ASUS Gamer, restart your computer and reinstall your video card drivers - that's it!!! New Graphics Settings Not Displaying After Change ? Press the Windows Key to force the game to Window Mode, click on the game window to go back into the game. New settings should now be applied. If this doesnt work. Try exiting the game and starting it again. If you are experiencing Battlefield 3 black screen issues: Method 1 (AMD & Nvidia Cards): Update to the latest video card drivers. Method 2 (If method1 fails): Nvidia Users: Revert to driver used during BF3 beta. ATI users: C:\Users\your user name\Documents\Battlefield 3\settings PROF_SAVE_profile > open in wordpad Edit to read: GstRender.FullscreenEnabled 0 Edit to read: GstRender.FullscreenScreen 1 Save and set file as read only Start BF3, should start in windowed mode Go to options > video > change undefined monitor number to "1" Adjust screen resolution to a resolution LOWER than your default Eyefinity resolution (The one that works for me is 2760x1600) [default is 3308x1920] Select full screen Hit apply ORIGIN FIX - "Could Not Activate" Possible workaround is to delete the BF3 license file to to force a license update. 1. Exit Origin completely. You can do this by right-clicking Origin in your system tray (near the clock) and selecting "Exit" 2. Open Internet Explorer (this will only work with Internet Explorer, not other browsers). Enter the following address into your address bar and press "Enter/Return" C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License 3. Delete the file named either 71067.dlf or 70619 or 71069.dlf 4. Restart your machine. 5. Launch Origin and login to your Origin account. 6. Attempt to launch Battlefield 3 Second Workaround 1. Exit Origin completely. You can do this by right-clicking Origin in your system tray (near the clock) and selecting "Exit" 2. Open Internet Explorer (this will only work with Internet Explorer, not other browsers). Enter the following address into your address bar and press "Enter/Return" C:\ProgramData\Origin\DownloadCache 3. Delete the files in this directory 4. Restart your machine. 5. Launch Origin and login to your Origin account. 6. Attempt to launch Battlefield 3 Crashing: Try setting the Origin.exe, BF3.exe and youe web browser .exe to "Run As Administrator". Battlefield 3 Crashes Upon Launch: 1. Repair your Battlefield 3 installation. To do this, go into your Origin Client, right-click Battlefield 3, and finally click “Repair Install”. 2. Disable SLI or Crossfire (I know you arent going to like that !) 3. Disable anti-aliasing and filtering 4. Disable V-sync 5. Disable background apps, and turn off your anti-virus software Battlelog Issues: Cause: Plugins / Network settings affecting Battlelogs operation. Fix(es): Disable Adblocker, NoScript, Lower Firewall Settings, Open closed Ports, Enable / Disable uPnP. Also disable any unnessesary plugins for your browser. If all fails. Try a new browser. Update: Users have reported lots of success with IE9 http://windows.micro....r/downloads/ie Battlefield 3 Install Error: “Battlefield 3 (BF3) Install Fails, Cannot Install” Cause: C++ bug. FIX: Uninstall both instances (if present) of Micrsoft C++ files on your system. *These can be reinstalled later after BF3 is installed on the system. Constant Crashing - Partial Fix (high level of success) 32 bit Operating Systems ONLY. *All credit goes to striker475 http://battlelog.bat....89420350764/1/ What does it help with? This is not the solution for all crashes. It deals primarily with the crash to desktop that is caused by lack of virtual address space.Due to the unique nature of how addresses are mapped differently on each machine this crash may happen at different places and times of the game, even loading a map, menu or waiting on an AI turn. If you try this fix, and you follow directions properly, and it doesn't help you then your crash is due to something else. How do I do it? Follow directions explicitly. I have seen people consistently skip steps or not read the directions properly so it doesn't work for them whne they don't do what it says. it's not as complicated as it sounds, I'm just being thorough. APPLY THE WORKAROUND (juicy caramel center) Requirements Only real requirements is that you have atleast 2GB RAM. You don't need beyond that even though we are allowing addressing up to 2.5 GB. Also following instructions and being somewhat familiar with working with files in windows is required. Make sure you are using Vista SP1 or later. If not then you need this hotfix that fixes a major blunder with Vista address space - [] That's all, follow the 3 steps. 1) Prepare the operating system to be able to use beyone 2GB address space with a userva of 2.5GB (only 32 bit OS's need to do this): I am purposely using only 2500 for userva for specific reasons and any more will likely not be needed, as a result the kernel will have plenty of space to play in. Windows 7/Windows Vista * In Windows 7/Vista go to Start menu. Go to Accessories. Locate the command prompt shortcut and hover mouse over it. Right Click on the shortcut then select Run as Administrator. * In the command prompt type this exactly: bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2500. Then hit enter. * Make sure you get a message back confirming the change was made. To verify the entry is there you can type just bcdedit, hit enter, and you should see the entry now listed. * Then close the command prompt. You just told Vista to increase user virtual address (userva) space to 2500MB. * Changes take effect on reboot but don't reboot yet. SUMMARY We extended the user virtual address space in XP, Vista and 7 to 2500MB, so now applications can utilize up to that much if they are set to be Large Address Aware. While some 32 bit games/applications are set, Empire is not. 2) Now reboot the PC because Windows needs to set the userva at 2500 which only happens after startup. If you skip any step it will not work. When you have rebooted you should be good to go. Run the game as normal with the original game shortcut. TO UNDO THE CHANGES For Vista 32 Open command prompt as administrator and type: bcdedit /deletevalue increaseuserva. That deletes the entry. Reboot and you are back to normal. 4: Frame Rate & Performance. Game Stuttering: -Open your console in BF3 " ~ " key. -Enter: RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1 RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0 Speed Up Map Loading Times: Nvidia Cards: 1) Open up Nvidia Control Panel 2) Click on Manage 3D Settings 3) Click on Program SettingsSelect Battlefield 3 in the drop down box ( **If it's not there click add and find bf3.exe located C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3) 4) Find Threaded optimization 5) Turn On 6) Click Apply AMD/ATI Cards: 1) Download ATI Tray Tools 2) Install 3) Right click on the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen 4) Click on Tweaks 5) Click on Advanced Tweaks 6) In the drop down box select Multi Threaded SupportChange to 2 or 4 (Depending on how many cores you have on your CPU) 7) Make sure the radio box above is ticked 8 ) Click apply Maps should now load faster. Sluggish Performance With Smooth Frames ? -Disable VSYNC. *Ensure it is set to off on your graphics card. Green Flicker Issue: -People say that the issue is caused by lack of VRAM. -BF3 is a VRAM whore. -Try turning down AA to 2x MSAA, or turning off completely. Extra Game Settings: -I havent used this yet, apparently its legit. -Might want to take a look. http://bf3.realmware...ettings-editor/ Game feels blurry & unresponsive: - Disable motion blur in your graphics settings Choppy / Stuttering With High End Machines: *Affects Intel i5 & i7 CPUs with Hyper Threading. *Possible fix for dual-core CPUs also. Cause: BF3 Bug Fix: -In BIOS. Disable Hyperthreading. -If you have a dual core CPU, manually set Affinity in task manager to 1 core. Extra For AMD GFX users: - Uninstall AMD CAP profiles (Make sure to uninstall the video driver also and clean the registry, reinstall driver when done.) More Frames / Smoother Performance: *Try updating drivers. Nvidia Users: AMD/ATI Users: http://support.amd.c...ages/index.aspx 5: Punkbuster & Kick Issues: Potential Kick Fix: For windows7 32 bits users: 1) go to c:\windows\system32 2) scroll down and find PnkBstrA.exe or PnkBstrA application 3) right-click PnkBstrA.exe and choose Properties 4) click the Compatibility tab 5) click the button at the bottom of the window that reads "Change settings for all users" 6) click the checkbox for "Run this program as an administrator" and click apply and Ok for Windows 7 64 bits users: 1) go to c:\windows\syswow64 2) scroll down and find PnkBstrA application 3) right-click PnkBstrA.exe and choose Properties 4) click the Compatibility tab 5) click the button at the bottom of the window that reads "Change settings for all users" 6) at the bottom of the window that reads "Privilege level" click the checkbox for "Run this program as an administrator" and click apply and Ok Kicked by Administrator on Join: Cause: Your version of PunkBuster and the Server's are not the same. Fix: Update Punkbuster and join an updated server. Send a message to whoever owns the server you keep getting kicked on and tell them to update their PunkBuster to the latest version. Manual PB update tool can be found here: http://www.evenbalan...age=pbsetup.php Banned by an administrator: -There appear to be limited PB response messages to the player, or just that the developers got lazy. If you get this message, either: 1) An admin has banned you because you have been bad (or the admin is just abusive). 2) It is displayed as the disconnected message for Idle timeout. <- IF you are that, then dont worry. You havent been banned !!!
  10. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Thanks for all your advice. I have gotten my stuff ordered and will be ordering the SSD as I am seeing if the price might drop a little in the next couple days. Guess we will see. Decided to go with the 560 Ti 2GB card running SLI. Hope it does what I want. Also ordered the H100 liquid cooled CPU cooler, 750 watt OCZ PSU, The CM Full tower. I really hope I get to enjoy the rig. So any suggestions on a good motherboard that has two x16 slots?
  11. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Ok I have read some of the revues on the H100 and am kind of concerned about some of the reviews saying they couldn't use all the fans for the set up because ram was in the way. Jus sayin but it is good looking cooler.
  12. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Ok the cheapest I could find the 670's were $399. You start talking about overclocked additions and the price goes up of course. I just keep wondering... I am running 1 gtx560 Ti 2GB card at the moment... what kind of increase do you think I would get if I went with another 560 2GB card? Or should I just go ahead and stick with the 670's? Or maybe mix and match the the 670 with with the 560 Ti 2GB card. Or can you even do that and get a performance gain like that?
  13. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Nah don't really plan on over clocking but I might. Yea I don't know a damn thing about SSD's and their size. Some help with that would be cool. Plus is the 750Watt power supply going to be enough to run 2x670. I don't want to be short.
  14. Dev1lman


    Anytime Opti, Also just so you know I have the Custom maps on my own redirect so unless you want to do it all yourself just pass the map along to me and I will upload it to the redirect library and done.
  15. Dev1lman

    PC Upgrade Time

    Ok Guys I have been getting some really good advice. And that is no surprise on =TS= we have some really good GEEKS on here. lol. Y'all make me so proud to be a gamer GEEK. lol. So with that said, I hope to have all the info I need before this weekend is up so I can order the stuff on sunday night or monday morning. OHHH what a gamer will do to play BF3 right? LOL Anymore suggestions would be awesome if you still have some because this build I will want to last me for atleast 4 years except for maybe upgrading vid cards along the way.