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  1. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    BadCompany 2 Tournament

    Whoever be your rival, I hope you gonna beat them. Good luck. P.S.: Some rummors say- you might not need luck, if you have angry Zoa on your side :D
  2. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    game sales

    Yeah. And THQ games are on sale -50% at steam right now, until October the 8th. Some games like Darksiders 1&2 and SM look very cheap.
  3. =TS=Grim_Reaper


    @=TS=killercalway I'm not a boss here, but I think you have nothing to worry about. I think you might mean forum stats. Yeah, this is simple and mature community, so nothing except your sheer messages is needed to get new rank. Feel free to do what you feel is good. So don't worry. I've posted many messages, which don't do any use or difference. :32 (20): I wonder though how big temper other memers have.
  4. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Who will get the next Computer

    Hahaha. There laptops, that can burn the most desktop rigs's arses. And yeah, I feel a bit uncomfy for not being able to contribute a thing. Hope you will forgive me. Many modern laptops are tougher than my and even yours desktop. My dad has laptop which is old but yet stronger than both my and my bro's PC altogether. Size isn't a sign of performance.
  5. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Leasing Video Cards

    Never borrow or lease anything. Except if this is very close human. This is best way. So many fithly minds nowadays. Ppl should be careful when supporting such actions. There always will be the ones who want to use the miserable state for own greed. Best solution for everyone is not let them use you. But of course, there are different situations, and some might need new tough card for work, but is broken, and wind runs inside pocket. Then this really is a solution. Otherwise, there's no point to rent cheap small budget card, because tax will be more than to buy SLI/CFS of such ones. And yeah, I'm very lucky I had someone to borrow card, because I would have left without PC at all. @=TS=Crosshair2 I'm glad this is useful for you. At least you know what you need and what you can afford. @=TS=MAGNET Videocard is something that every PC needs. This is device that ought to render an image for your display. And unfortuantely, you can't skip it. You just need to buy the one that suits your budget more. And ofc, lower price=lower abilities and options.Though if you can get "cheap" top card, it most likely will serve you 'till it will die completely, or will begin to bother you with outdated features. In my case, I've lost my not the weakest VGA, but replaced it with low profile 5450. It still renders image, and since I don't play, I don't suffer performace issues. Having a spare low profile card for temp swap is always good idea. And for some point such APU's like AMD's A10 5800K is very interesting thing. You don't need discrete card at all, because it's already located in same crystal as CPU. And total power consumption is less than 150W for entire system.
  6. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Griefers Are Not Welcome

    Don't get me wrong, but this method is not actually cure from griefers. This brakes server, and of course entire piece of time and work goes nowhere. This is even worse than some douchebags that spoil gameplay and bother your work. when I played MC, I didn't let anyone to use either dynamite, or lighter, or letting lava burn anything. I have not very tought PC , so this is another reason. And I don't let anyone to destroy my server and spoil all my work with some stupid jokes and TNT. I consider TNT griefing, and it's enough of bloody creepers spawning around from nowhere and destroying millions of trees and other resourses. So the best way to not being griefed, is to avoid them at all. Best solution is to keep server private, and keep only proved ppl. Or kick/ban the ones that irritate. Or tp them into lava :D constantly. I never let anyone spoil my server and peace. But what's best I played with good mates only. Btw. How many chunks have you destroyed? I see explosion was so big, that only bedrocks left. I've noticed you have some mods installed. I didn't play much. Just one week in row. Game is nice, but consumes too many time (as much as most of other games). Why I prefer MC above other games- I don't need to kill anyone to get fun. Quite the reverse, I can live in peace with world and create according to the existing world peculiarities. But to be honest, this is not life either.
  7. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    I'm Done for a while

    Yes, Sir! Thank you. Really great job!
  8. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Been away a bit

    Life itself and family is much important than any gaming. Wish you to fix all your problems the best possible way. And don't worry. Peace.
  9. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    FPS Virgin No Longer

    I'm not a gamer anymore. And do not play, especially MMO. But once I did enjoy one game called Hellgate London, now after long big mess it is once available and called simply Hellgate. There's one very similar game called The Secret World. There are also APB Reloaded (Same story as with Hellgate), Fallen Earth (rip-off of rip-off of Fallout), and Global Agenda (imo looks like 2142). And there is/will be another briliant game, very similar to 2142 , but MMO and called Dust 415. I dunno if you know them already. I'm not a fan of MMOs and I don't play games at all. But my brother and my mates play many of them, and AFAIK, some are really nice. Hope that gonna help. Take care.
  10. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clan Match

    I wish good luck and sober conscious state of mind to everyone who gonna participate clan war today! Just stay yourself, and you gonna do it like piece o'cake.
  11. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Video Discussion: BF3 - GET 145 LVL

    Don't worry. There's no doubts that you or any other TS member is honorable fair player. But this is very good if someone shares such videos, and makes community to stay in touch. Glad that I don't play BF3 . Even if I had working PC I wouldn't play BF3. I see such noobs in BC2 every day. The only thing they don't raize level. Hovewer, lvl1 comming and have 50-70/5-10 kills/death without using any vehicle, whereas lvl50 barely get score of 30/20. And no anti-cheat tools work, except live admn. So, I cave conclusion- we are 1vs1 with ocean of shameless haxors, and there's nothing tha prevent awful ppl to spoil fair gamer's fun. I really enjoy BC2, but, playing this BS pc makes me mad.
  12. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Bc2 Clan war????

    Exactly! You got a point. This is why I'm not going to participate :D
  13. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clan Match

    I wasn't raping anyone. I was violently killed and humiliated 20+times in row without possibility to get from soddin spawn by two shamess spawncamping/baseraping/vehiclestealing p***s.
  14. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clan Match

    I doubt. And I am not able to show it because I live million miles away, and have unstable BSODing machine and lame connection. This week I screwed all my stats completely.
  15. =TS=Grim_Reaper

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clan Match

    Good luck. Hope you will win and get some new skill.