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  1. i'm taking my laptop and camera with me of course, car is going in storage :)
  2. Howdy
  3. Hey guys!!!!! It has been a while I know, I got a job back in august at hhgregg as a home theater salesman and the time has come to tell you I got a new computer on the way, Alienware M14x : intel i7 core processor, 8gb ddr3 ram 1.5 gb nvidia graphics. It will be here on december 20th, all in all I got about 40 days till I report for duty for the army. soo ill have about 35 days to use my laptop. Going on vacation next week to vegas, got a Nikon D5100 & a 2004 Audi TT Quattro and a samsung 65" D8000 (samsungs top of the line tv)!!!
  4. Who has xbox live!? Add me : Sherm Stickey
  5. as i told crosshair i won't be on for a while, my computer exploded (figuratively ) and i should be getting a new laptop soon "Alienware M11x" for a LATE graduation gift so until then i can't play any games or do graphics sorry guys :/
  6. ill wait then till after bootcamp
  7. well since i am currently unemployed and not enough time to get a job until i shipout and since my computer is FRIED lol i was wandering if =TS= can set up a donation to get me a brand spanking new Laptop! lol one that is good with games :) so i can keep in touch with you guys!
  8. okay so my mom is deciding to get me a laptop for my high school graduation gift (a year late lol) and i want a good gaming laptop Budget: $700 i want something where i can play MAX Settings on Bad company 2, WoW and some others!
  9. JUNIOR MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-YES, V.O.T.E.D
  10. thanks man :) with my first pay check i am going to buy an awesome gaming Laptop, any suggestions (budget will be $3500)
  11. As of today i am enlisted in the United States Army and i am going in as an E-2 (Private) instead of an E-1 i will be getting promoted to an E-3 soon! and my MOS (Job) is 19D Cavalry Scout and i will be going to Fort Benning for Basic training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) that is 16 weeks total! I ship out January 17th 2012 and hopefully a lot of you will wright to me while i am there since i won't have any way to get on the Team Stealth website lol!
  12. sure will! lol
  13. so my comment was correct right? this whole post is spam?
  14. and what game is this?
  15. i am confused on what it is o.O