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  1. will look for you online just need 2 more
  2. i want to set up a team in wildlands start from the begining and play all the way through whos in?
  3. those of us who have GRAW (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter) we have sorted out how to play again so i will put up a server every fortnight on a Saturday at 7pm UK time but there is only 5 slot we connect through Hamachi network ID is moon-graw PW teamstealth so be prompt to get a place and make sure you have the usa map pack form the download section and be patched to the 1.35
  4. well i take it from everyone who turned up on Saturday the 3rd of September at 19:00 (uk time) that GRAW is not worth putting up so i wont bother
  5. thanks to all that turned up rydon (late) and mattyninja (halfway through the map) the next server up time will be 3rd of september at 19:00 uk time again please be on time because of limeted space you will have to log into my hamachi again network will be moon-graw Pw teamstealth hope to see you there
  6. gets a vote from me
  7. i will be starting it on the 20th if anybody know of another vpn other than hamachi then im all ears cos the only trouble is it only has 5 slots
  8. voted
  9. i have it and ready to play on a private match againt ai bot the more players we can get in a game the more fun it will be because aliennationz and my self were playing a bot match and having a blast
  10. Other
  11. are there any members that have a joystick that want to join the Team Stealth Squadron and kick the tyers and light the fires and fly the F-16 in Falcon BMS its a free flight sim which i can give you and training will be given if needed please let me know by posting on this thread and training day/night can be arranged its a whole lot of fun thanks squardron leader Moonchild
  13. here is a video that should help
  14. welcome nice to have you in the club
  15. voted no because he is ok but can be anoying cos like to have a bad habbit of being a bit of a troll and enjoys messing about
  16. real life friend of mine and is a good guy voted
  17. nice chap voted
  18. i got a new internet connection http://www.speedtest.net/result/3274530190.png
  19. it is a very grey day today first i had to re home my little 1 year old dog Rosie she has gone to kennels to be re homed i hope she gets a loving family to take care of her and on a sadder note my 8 year old chocolate Labrador had to be put to sleep because she had a bad ear infection bless you holly i will miss you there is a hole in my heart now where two lovely dogs once filled
  20. It's Jonny yaaaay im back on the air got a nice fast internet conection staying at my mum and dads weather is good life is good right now things are looking up thanks for the words of suport x Moon
  21. things have gone a little out of control between my wife and i and so we have come to an arrangement that i move back in with my mum and dad i know they have and internet conncetion but i dont know if i can use it but we shall see i will be offline from the 6/7/13 till maybe the 10/7/13 but then again who knows hopefuly it wont be to long and i can be gaming with you once again till we meet again hang loose and have tight triggers see ya soon love Moonchild x
  22. also try this
  23. From the album Moonchild