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    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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    Love building newer and faster systems..lol

    My new build has a Samsung 850 EVO SSD at the heart. and A nice Masterbox 5 surrounding it!
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    MSI 970 G series gaming board.
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    Gigabyte GTX-1060
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    HyperX Fury 1866 16GB
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    Hyper 212
  1. Built on the MSI Gaming series 970 motherboard. 16 GB of DDR3 Fury X memory EVO 850 - 250 GB SSD hard drive. AMD FX-8350 processor Gigabyte GTX-1060 graphics Corsair VX-550m power supply Cooled by a hyper 212 And encased in a Coolermaster Master Box 5 case.
  2. It is I...johnnyq and I just got off work..lol my dog Duke is going to work with me every day and staying in the van... I guess he does not mind cause his tail is wagging whenever I come out to do a delivery...lol In more detail we got scammed out of alot of money because we needed to have a double garage and pet friendly home... I got the worst of the deal as I paid 200.00 down and 300.00 for pet deposit... We do have a place we are looking at and it is a sub-lease.. Hopefuly they will leave the deposit and we can be in there by next weekend... Will post more as it develops.. =ts=johnnyq
  3. This is my messy desktop..lol just a gamer with lots of stuff..
  4. This is a pic of my 5 and 6 string basses with my amp behingd it..
  5. This is my pc from some years ago..lol Still rocks out..
  6. Side order of bacon, OJ And some hot waitresses phone number...lol
  7. SIX SHOOTER ????? OK.... So the first word is the root and all slashed words are based off the root..ok? Space
  8. Birthday
  9. Cow Pig, Bacon, Eggs, chicken sandwich, chicken soup, Kitchen, Knife, Fork, Road, Sign, Post, Fence, Paint, canvas, material, fabric, conditioner, Leather Bar Stool, padded cell, asylum, Lunatic, Dino,/Pink Floyd, Stage, Pole Dancer, Hot! Chilli Peppers, Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic, cups, saucer, Flying, falling, down, up, bottoms, huge, Feet, socks, Shoes, Tap Dancer rain Showers Birthday suit.....lol Let's double the fun... Double Word Association.... Birthday
  10. Sure is a beauty..lol :lol: I could love one of these..lol