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  1. =TS=Drakkenith

    Drakks Un Bann Request

    --- Topic merged. Please don't spam threads. --- the second time i was never banned i was warned over a year or more ago when was young jesus guys theere is no org like u guys i join another one and leave on my own cuz its not the same idk y cuz it was like a big family almost and just it dont feel right ive been with u sense 16 im 19 almost 20 guys i have had time to think and float i just wanna come back i may sound pathetic but i hope someone understands and feels what i feel about the community
  2. =TS=Drakkenith

    Drakks Un Bann Request

    also willing to donate if need be
  3. =TS=Drakkenith

    Drakks Un Bann Request

    guys im sorry for what i have did and its been some time now may i be un bannedd from team speak ive grown up i dont get mad at games anymore and still with out this commuinty there is hardly anyone i wanna play wit and i miss u guys all of u and ive takin time to think and everything can i have once chance it has been some time
  4. =TS=Drakkenith

    Titanfall - News & Stuff

    well no ones been posting new games beta is out but who has it
  5. =TS=Drakkenith

    Guys We Have This G Mod Folder

    does anyone here play g mod ? amazing game theres like 200 game mods in side the game ill have to show u call sometime
  6. gettim ready to head home see u guy inna bit

  7. =TS=Drakkenith

    Welcome Blooldust to «Team-Stealth»

    welcome bloodlust
  8. =TS=Drakkenith

    Computer Giveaway ""recieptient""

    lucky dude hope u like it
  9. =TS=Drakkenith

    new comp

    i got a 2.8 single core with 3 gigs of ddr2 ram and a 80gb hard drive and nividea 8600 gt with 512 ram :((
  10. hey my name is drakkenith im from the united states and ive been in teamstealth for awhile now i just for got my info i gotta start all over wit rank i need a new comp i got a single core 3.8 2 gig of ram and 7800 gt nivida vid card but im useing my bros pc till he leaves a dual core 3 gig of ram and nividia gt 220 with 1 gb and i need my own comp my 3.8 is junk can really play anything so will some one help me out :)
  11. You have a new Application For Team Stealth Membership From User Drakkenith Question: