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Cutting Edge Gamer

  • Need to gain an edge on your opponent? Tired of low frame rates and not being able to play some of your favorite Games?

Here is an affordable solution to your problems Cutting Edge Gamer has GFX cards for every budget this Lease to own program is perfect for the Gamer that can't afford to fork out 300 to 500 dollars to purchase a video card. It's simple all you do is pick a card with monthly payments that you can afford and after 12 months you own it. But wait There's more, you can upgrade anytime to a better card, how cool is that. There is alot more information on their website and if you Plan to give them a try use the Partnership link they provided FPSHosting.

Start Gaming Today!

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Am I misunderstanding their lease agreement, or are they really asking more than retail purchase prices for a simple 12-month rental? Not having to pay full retail price upfront is great, but paying more than the card is worth just to use it for a year...


Their buyout option (basically financing the purchase) is better, but again they're still asking 25-30% more than the card is worth, which is more interest than I'd pay.


~ Eddie

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