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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tournament for 1 crysis2 game key


WE will be starting A squad death match were 4 teams go head to head for the key. The 2 teams with the highest score will go head to head again then the 2players with the lowest amount of kills each round after that will drop out untell we have only 2 players left then those will play in the main event for the key. The player with the most kills will win the game key it will start Sunday May,6 12pm noon est. so every body get some practice in the mean time so you have a better chance too win good luck TEAM Stealth Members and may thje best player win.............












32%20%2819%29.png32%20%2819%29.png32%20%2819%29.png The game is being donated for this event by epicgamekeys.net32%20%2819%29.png32%20%2819%29.png32%20%2819%29.png

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