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    lara croft modelling001

    From the album: Hitman68

    Lara Croft modelling TeamStealth apparel.
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    From the album: WadCrusher13

    Another look on the hardware (added a hard drive cage & the video card... EVGA GeForce GTX 770 DUAL BIOS SuperClocked 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 Video Card 04G-P4-3774-KR) This card rocks!
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    From the album: Moonchild

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    From the album: bfbc2

    look at the chat. hehe
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    From the album: Crosshair's Hangout

    another cool desktop background
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    From the album: Ainhoa

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    From the album: Ainhoa

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    Some Questions

    Hey hey, i wanna join you guys for some Devision coop, but have some questions before. 1. How does the coop work with the different levels, since i'm new and low level, how will it play when i join you guys with high levels? 2. Do i need DLCs? i toke a look around and the Underground seems like the only one i would be interested in. 3. What times are you guys on and playing? It will be a week or two till i get my new gpu but knowing these things before wont hurt.
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    Starting New GRAW Server.

    don't forget that gamespy shut down, so you need a vpn software like hamachi or tunngel.
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    Founders Blog

    Why thank you! You are too kind ..
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    Red rain

    From the album: Crosshair's Hangout

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    From the album: ExillDan

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    From the album: ExillDan

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    Birthday Party!

    I'm having a party this year grabbing myself a bottle of whiskey anyone can join me but you must be drinking or you can't come.....lol
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    Playing xD

    From the album: Ainhoa

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    Grand daughter

    From the album: Crosshair's Hangout

    Spoiled Brat!