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    From the album Hitman68

    Lara Croft modelling TeamStealth apparel.
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    From the album WadCrusher13

    Another look on the hardware (added a hard drive cage & the video card... EVGA GeForce GTX 770 DUAL BIOS SuperClocked 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 Video Card 04G-P4-3774-KR) This card rocks!
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    From the album WadCrusher13

    An inside look on the hardware after installation (minus the video card). The 3 stock fans (2 x 120 mm, & 1 x 140 mm) are positioned in the front/lower front of the case.
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    From the album Moonchild

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    From the album bfbc2

    look at the chat. hehe
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    From the album Crosshair's Hangout

    another cool desktop background
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    From the album Ainhoa

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    From the album Ainhoa

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    the underground is fun definitely get that but take a look at the season pass. playing with higher level players is tough because the AI are tuned to them have one of us take you around the map to level up. I'd do it but I'm currently cycling across America...
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    thanks Hitman, one more day before i leave, getting nervous
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    From the album volta

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    at the bottom of our new theme is a Space for an "about us" can someone write a paragraph for this spot?
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    is that the spot that says blah,blah in the moment? maybe """Multigaming Community since 20??""" sorry don't know the year.
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    Post as a reply to this thread if you wish to be A Teamstealth member
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    you donated plenty over the years as did all of us, I'm looking for new names to show up. the current goal isn't acurate and needs to be adjusted but i normally stretch it out over two months
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    I'm in we can set it up on the dedi we have but would only be able to run it at specified times as the game requires a lot of recourses
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    don't forget that gamespy shut down, so you need a vpn software like hamachi or tunngel.
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    I would enjoy being able to play again...Cityboy would be another...I think there will be more when word spreads......
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    I understand the discontinuation of Ghost Recon servers but will the stats still be available? I know I've played a dozen or games since 2013 and was wondering how to get the latest scores and stats. I checked the GRAW USA Stats today and there hasn't been any change. Any feedback would be great! :big wink:
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    o0 cant you just start the win7 installation and wipe win 10 of the drive that way? just need to make sure that you have all needed drivers before doing that. btw the 10 stands for nsa edition
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    hi guys I did a reformat on one of my pcs this week and dug out an old copy of graw 2 and thought hey I loved this game I will install it in win8 and play it.. sadly I discovered the end of gamespy and can no longer login.. very sad.. has there been a work around or has everyone just migrated to battlefield.. I play battlefield bc 2 and 3 a lot mostly 3 but only on Australian servers because of my ping.. regards Andrew aka Adriel770
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    O M G please don't tell me that my favorite game is no more??? Please no !!!
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    This is an old map I worked on in 2010 called ThimbleRig (thimblerig.bundle). I dug it up and found this semi-working version, scripted to a point and nice colors. Is there any interest in playing this map? Description - Designed for 2 - 12 Ghosts, this adaptive mission requires team work. Four (4) enemy commanders have overtaken a military/industrial park. Your team can use the sewers to gain access and move undetected to your objectives. =Objectives: Reclaim the park. Eliminate 4 enemy commanders. Keep from needless destruction of property and equipment. Rendezvous with friendly forces at ZULU.= WARNING; work and stay together or expect overwhelming opposition. Map by WadCutter45.
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    April Fools

    who's got the best prank?
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    Satoba these are great! Thanks so much for sharing them! I'm in open beta right now trying to figure things out, love the game. Thanks again!
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    Is this post for all members? "this is much easier and faster" regarding what, good sir?
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    That is real art my friend. Keep up the good work.
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    From the album Crosshair's Hangout

    My Latest Creation
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    From the album =TS=Dino

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    Mariners Team

    From the album Ainhoa

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    Stupid Cat

    From the album Crosshair's Hangout

    My wife calls me lazy....
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    From the album ExillDan

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    From the album ExillDan

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    From the album Ainhoa

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    Playing xD

    From the album Ainhoa

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    From the album Ainhoa

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    IMG 0752

    From the album =TS=Dino

    Mint condition light blue 2 door with a 460 CID....you people can now all drool over my car......82,000 miles. not ever seen snow or been hit by another car.....SWEET.......MINT.......AND ITS MINE.....