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    From the album Hitman68

    Lara Croft modelling TeamStealth apparel.
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    From the album WadCrusher13

    Another look on the hardware (added a hard drive cage & the video card... EVGA GeForce GTX 770 DUAL BIOS SuperClocked 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 Video Card 04G-P4-3774-KR) This card rocks!
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    From the album WadCrusher13

    An inside look on the hardware after installation (minus the video card). The 3 stock fans (2 x 120 mm, & 1 x 140 mm) are positioned in the front/lower front of the case.
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    From the album Moonchild

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    From the album bfbc2

    look at the chat. hehe
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    From the album Crosshair's Hangout

    another cool desktop background
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    From the album Ainhoa

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    From the album Ainhoa

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    as everyone by now knows that my little sister has cancer, i'm leaving in a few days to go see her and i'm riding my bike, if you would like to help me reach my destination you can make a site donation, here is the route i'm taking
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    damn, i hoped the coop would use a system like in dead island, where the enemies level is matching the players level thats attacking him. and don't worry, i ordered a 1070 yesterday but the store doesn't have it in stock and it's expected to arrive 02.06. thats what i get for being to picky.
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    the underground is fun definitely get that but take a look at the season pass. playing with higher level players is tough because the AI are tuned to them have one of us take you around the map to level up. I'd do it but I'm currently cycling across America...
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    From the album volta

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    The Razor Ripsaw Capture card is very good capture card. Only it is not the easiest to setup and to get running. It has a lot to offer and is very easy to use once it is setup and running. You can run this in different modes and settings. You can use it with either the Razor Cortex software or OBS or xsplit. I have used both the Razor Cortex and the OBS. Razor cortex has a lot to offer but is still limited to features and what you can actually do with it. On the other hand OBS allows you to offer more and with more flexibility of the hardware in a way of settings and recordings and streaming. The main thing with the hardware is that when you are recording, your lag is very minimal while you are gaming. I don't even notice it. But when you want to show and record webpages it has a lag issue there. The gaming side has a better minimal lag to it's predecessor like the Elgato and the Avermdia which have a issue of major lag in a lot of areas and this is something you don't want while gaming. The Razor Ripsaw Capture Card also has a rubber under neath to allow it to grip on to most surfaces. The Ripsaw is small and very stylish and lets know you when your going to be recording and your not recording which helps. It has a HDMI in and out and is powered via a usb 3.0 in which I had to in vest in to a PCI-e USB 3.0 card in which i use the Orica card. Then there is the Audio jacks at the front for you to use for recording of audio and microphone. I am running this card through another system which has been designed and setup for game and video capture. Only now I am trying sort of cheat the system for getting the audio to swing both ways. For this I am using a progam called Viocemeteer Banana along with Virtual Audio cable. This will have to do untill I can get a proper usb Mixer. This program has worked in the pass but is not the most easiest to setup. The quality of the Razor Ripsaw Game Capture card is very high quality and allows you to change the setting of you screens resolution and the refresh rate. But the refresh rate is maxed out to 60Hz (60FPS). This is higher than alot of others which are on the market today which will only offer a max of 30FPS tops. The price of the card is a little steep at $178 Australian dollars, and the Orica 3.0 Usb card is about $38 Australian Dollars. But in the box of the Razor Ripsaw you all the cables you need to get this up and running. It will even connect to a xbox or even a playstation allowing you to stream to twitch or youtube. The conclusion is This is a very good capture card over all and on the Curve Meter I give it a 8.5 out of 10. The reason I give it this score is because it is not easy to setup and to get running at first. But I like the fact that is is slim and it is and it has everything you need to get you up and running. Also the low latacy lag helps with the gaming while recording to help improve quality. The Ripsaw is a good build quality and strong.
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    don't forget that gamespy shut down, so you need a vpn software like hamachi or tunngel.
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    I would enjoy being able to play again...Cityboy would be another...I think there will be more when word spreads......
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    I understand the discontinuation of Ghost Recon servers but will the stats still be available? I know I've played a dozen or games since 2013 and was wondering how to get the latest scores and stats. I checked the GRAW USA Stats today and there hasn't been any change. Any feedback would be great! :big wink:
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    From the album Road Trip

    © This Image is the property Of TeamStealth Gaming

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    O M G please don't tell me that my favorite game is no more??? Please no !!!
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    tile13 060

    From the album Family

    Dads carving
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    From the album My New (2nd hand) Toy.

    Here's a pic of my NEW 2nd hand car. Yes, It has one female owner in her forties b4 me, but it looks and drives like it's just come off the factory floor. She had really looked after it. Hasn't been flogged.
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    From the album PS7 Projects

    Tried doing a fractured look here.
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    Satoba these are great! Thanks so much for sharing them! I'm in open beta right now trying to figure things out, love the game. Thanks again!
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    From the album West Australian Sunset.

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    From the album West Australian Sunset.

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    Is this post for all members? "this is much easier and faster" regarding what, good sir?
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    From the album Crosshair's Hangout

    My Latest Creation
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    From the album =TS=Dino

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    Stupid Cat

    From the album Crosshair's Hangout

    My wife calls me lazy....
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    From the album ExillDan

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    i wont be here so u only have to worry about zoa and moe im on holiday
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    I'm having a party this year grabbing myself a bottle of whiskey anyone can join me but you must be drinking or you can't come.....lol
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    From the album Ainhoa

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    Playing xD

    From the album Ainhoa

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    From the album Crosshair's Hangout

    Spoiled Brat!
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    IMG 0752

    From the album =TS=Dino

    Mint condition light blue 2 door with a 460 CID....you people can now all drool over my car......82,000 miles. not ever seen snow or been hit by another car.....SWEET.......MINT.......AND ITS MINE.....
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    Version 2.0


    Auto installer for our RC-2 Server