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this is what i do during my offline


The video is showing what is happening in capoeira batizado ( batizado = babtism) which is equivalent to exam and to get your next belt.

You might see some breakdance movements. Capeira branched out to 2 different genre: martial art & dance.

I was in kungfu for a long time. I switched knowing that capoeira is much friendlier in terms of the people. As soon as you join you're part of the family. To advanced you have to learn pretty much everything: culture, musical instruments, teaching, language, singing, dancing... (i'm failing at those Posted Image i just want to learn the techniques. i shall be at yellow belt forever!!)

But this is one of the few martial arts where you can learn at any age 10-70+, because not much techniques. lots of tricks and lots of acrobats (which are not necessary if you actually defending yourself from attack...just for show).

In capoeira, during jogo (jogo = dancing) or sparring, the two people will have to stay within a roda (circular arena) which is made by the rest of the students. They have to sing and clap according to the music played. the people doing the jogo also have to adjust movements to the music.

2 Types of capoeira : regionale (fast pace) & angola (slow pace)

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