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Xbox One and PS4 Are the Last of their Kinds – Forbes

Weeks after its grand unveiling to the public, Xbox One has been under fire because of the new Kinect (dubbed Kinect 2.0), that is pre-bundled with the console, a motion sensor that uses the player's gestures and voice commands as inputs rather than mashing the controllers. In addition, the new Kinect is also reported to be able to read one's heart rate through the infrared cameras. That's too much information you are surrendering when playing the game and with that, angry gamers used the internet to express their fears and dismay. Gaming pundits and consumers alike suspect that the Xbox One won't be as successful as the other Xbox consoles.

One group that has had an even worse stand on Microsoft's new console, and console gaming in general, for that matter, is Newzoo, an international market research and consulting firm that specializes in video games. In an article published by John Gaudiosi in Forbes, the company said that the Xbox One, along with PlayStation 4, could possibly become the last generation of gaming consoles, a scary thought for hardcore gamers to entertain.

Newzoo CEO Peter Warman doubts if consoles will stay active in eight years. He also thinks that if there will be one, it won't be something that gamers were used to. "It could be something you plug into the TV and gives you access to a lot of other stuff. You might want an Xbox dongle for exclusive IP that works with other screens. I don't think it will be a box like we have now," Warman said in an interview. He explained that what shapes video gaming industry of today are mobile and free-to-play games.

The mobile computer is projected as the future of gaming. Among the games that people play on mobile computers are Dead Space, Candy Crush, Plants vs. Zombies, online poker and casino games, Subway Surfers, and 4 Pics 1 Word . Convenience is what mobile games boast. If players want to play games like poker, they can do it virtually anywhere they want, now. Right on your tablet or smartphone as long as it has strong internet connectivity, you can visit websites like PartyPoker.com and play Omaha Hi-Lo or Texas Hold'em against players from different parts of the world. Online poker is among the fastest-growing mobile games today. It is a big game in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, and several states in the US. Aside from its convenience, online poker also gets a good following because it gives players the chance to win cash or even seats at prestigious professional poker tournaments. By playing online poker games on your mobile computer, you don't just get the fun and entertainment you are looking for, you are also able to save time and effort in travelling, and are still able to meet new friends online.

Though mobile computers are the hottest gaming commodities today, it doesn't mean traditional consoles will go down just like that. Losing our beloved consoles likes Xbox, Wii, PlayStation is a nightmare. With this thought, be assured that console companies are doing whatever they can to keep the consoles alive and the gamers satisfied.

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