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This is a great community

It's nice to see everyone participate in our forums and with all the incline of new topics and members I have allot of good reading ahead of me.
Now lets talk a little about this new site, The software is called Posted Image and if you look at the copyright (lower right) you'll see that we own this license, which we need to thank ucjohn for giving it to us and all his help setting it up and continued service in it's maintenance.
This license and some of it's features have a renewal period of every 6 months or annually. These costs of course are covered by donations by You, our members and the public.
We will be moving this temporary location back to [DOT]com so maybe a short down time but not to long once that is done the Facebook integration can be completed,
the Twitter is now working and you can utilize your Twitter and soon Facebook accounts in your personal profile area, It's very nice.


May 10 2012 07:09 PM
Our new site has come a long way since i posted this originally, can i get some comments or suggestions on what you would like to see or have changed?

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