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  2. Teamspeak seems to down buddy

    1. =TS=Yeoman


      our new teamspeak address.

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  4. My thoughts on Wildlands in one word.......................... BROKEN! Do yourself a favor and save your money. Don't buy this game. Since last update of it, nothing works right namely the vehicles. Scoring don't work right either. As well as the weapons. All this game is, is the Division....... just with a different name. The game is just plain broken and a joke.
  5. Well, its confirmed. Pvp mode to start beta test from September 21st to the 25th. It will be 4 v 4 players.
  6. been playing World of Warships, the Division, Wildlands, Elite Dangerous and lastly and mostly H1Z1 King of the Hill.
  7. indeed, it leads to some really nice combinations. now that the event is over i can finally take some time to work on builds.
  8. i like ninja backpack, running 2,1,1,1 so in essence my gear items run to 3,2,2,2.. just got to keep trying different gear items to get that perfect loadout
  9. striker ain't there yet as classified in 1.7, only lone star, alpha bridge and dead eye. but they buffed the ninja backpack, it slots in with any gear set to unlock gear bonuses, sadly only gear sets, not classified gear.
  10. i was running 3piece technician and 3 piece d3f3nc to get close to the enemy but now i think i rebuild will be good.. in 1.7 ive heard the 6 piece striker was excellent during PTS, but im unaware if the stats have been weakened.. all good things become nerfed
  11. Hello BillySmith, Welcome to TeamStealth Communities. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. BillySmith joined on the 08/15/2017. View Member
  12. mainly Wildlands, Mass Effect3, Division occasionally
  13. I was wondering what builds you guys play. What gear sets and what weapons. So far i have loadouts for Nomad, Striker and Firecrest. I made the Striker yesterday and the Damage potential seems pretty good. Weapons for that are an ACR and the Showstopper. If you want more detailed descriptions or even pictures just tell me. Looking forward to hear what you guys are using.
  14. I've been playing so much Rocket League... Enough that you'd think I'd actually be getting good at it, but noooo CSGO and Payday2 every now and then. I just got Defiant (f2p), that's kind of fun.
  15. I've been totally addicted to the division the last week, can't stop playing. if not that a bit of Payday 2 and War Thunder.
  16. Hey everyone, So what have you all been playing recently? i myself keep switching between The Division, BF1 and BF4.
  17. bicycle across america

    I wish you good weather for the trip, and that you get a lot of participations. You doing it for a good purpose and i really hope that you achieve your goal.
  18. bicycle across america

    I'm Thinking Sept. 1st If all goes well
  19. bicycle across america

  20. bicycle across america

    maybe i'm just an overachiever
  21. bicycle across america

    That is dank! When do you plan on doing it?
  22. bicycle across america

    Is this one of those "bucket list" things? I set a goal to lose 20+ pounds before October, and I thought that was something. You're making me feel like an underachiever. :D
  23. bicycle across america

    good idea!!!
  24. Awesome Crosshair
  25. bicycle across america

    Hell you are crazy, but i have no doubt that you will make it. So you gonna start on Tour De France next year?
  26. bicycle across america

    I'm now planning a coast to coast bike ride I'm not satisfied going half way
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